LIVE NOW IN THE TICKER | Carlos Alcaraz challenges Novak Djokovic in the semifinals

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In the second semifinal of the evening, there will be a duel between defending champion Alexander Zverev and Stefanos Tsitsipas (from 21.00 in live scoring).

From 4pm, Alcaraz will have a new experience in his still young career. The teenager meets the 20-time Grand Slam tournament winner Novak Djokovic for the first time.

ATP Madrid

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However, if you take the last few weeks as a benchmark, the number one in the world from Serbia is by no means favored.

On the contrary: Djokovic is still building form, Alcaraz is in top form – we expect a very interesting match in Caja Magica.

Novak Djokovic vs. Carlos Alcaraz in the live ticker:

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Djokovic – Alcaraz 5: 5

Alcaraz staggers on serve, must go over debut. Not everything works for the Spaniard anymore, he lays out a volley forehand. And yet: The local hero fights his way through the service and equalizes to 5: 5.

Djokovic – Alcaraz 5: 4

Djokovic has now finally brought momentum to his side. The 34-year-old follows an immaculate match up from zero and only needs one more match to lead the set with a lead of 5: 4. Impressive series: Djokovic has now won 13 points (!) In a row on his own service. The superstar is now leading for the first time in this semifinal.

Djokovic – Alcaraz 4: 4

And then it happened – Djokovic looked out for Alcaraz on the return. The Serb gets the chance to break with good angles and takes advantage of it. Alcaraz plays a relatively easy backhand into the net and the lead is gone. 4: 4, all open again in Madrid.

Djokovic – Alcaraz 3: 4

Nine points in a row for Djokovic on his own serve – extremely strong as the veteran served and then dictated what happened in the rallies. However: There is still this break deficit and Djokovic slowly needs a solution if he wants to give the first set a twist.

Djokovic 2-4 Alcaraz

World class backhand from Alcaraz! And there is indeed special applause. The 19-year-old pulls through, the ball hitting the sideline directly. However: Djokovic is now better at countering the returns and getting the second break chance. Alcaraz equalized with a forehand winner and eventually brought the service to 4: 2. It is remarkable how calmly the young person behaves in pressured situations.

Djokovic 2-3 Alcaraz

With his own serve, Djokovic is now becoming more and more confident. The 34-year-old eliminated the problems, dominated the rallies and made it 2: 3 with no problems.

Djokovic 1-3 Alcaraz

Already a very intense and interesting duel. Alcaraz plays extremely varied. Forehand, backhand, stop – the Spaniard does not give Djokovic any rhythm. And the body language is also clear. Number nine in the world confidently clenched his fist after his game made it 3-1. Great start for the teenager in this semifinal.

Djokovic 1-2 Alcaraz

Djokovic has joined the match. The three-time Madrid champion confidently pulls through his game and now comes on the scoreboard.

Djokovic 0-2 Alcaraz

Number one in the world strikes back, almost anyway. Djokovic convinces with good returns and has a breakball for his part. But how cool is this Alcaraz, please? The ninth in the world rankings counters confidently, goes to the net and puts the ointment clean. The result: Alcaraz gets the match 2-0 – and of course he has the arena behind him. The Spanish fans cheer loudly over the lead.

Djokovic 0-1 Alcaraz

Alcaraz immediately indicates what he intends to do here. The 19-year-old gets his first break chance with good returns and thanks to a double fault by Djokovic. And then the cheers erupted as Alcaraz outsmarted the superstar with a backhand cross. It fits exactly – 1-0 to Alcaraz.

Djokovic opens the match against Alcaraz

Sun, full stands, the best atmosphere – the players are there and hit Caja Magica – and then Djokovic starts with his own serve.

Djokovic vs. Alcaraz in the ticker

Hello and welcome to the ATP Masters in Madrid. Novak Djokovic is fighting against Carlos Alcaraz for a place in the final. Tobias Laure accompanies the game for you here in the live ticker. Have fun!

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