Inflation is eating up our savings – the price masters are taking countermeasures

Germany’s prize winner: Best for your money: Inflation eats up our savings – we take countermeasures

Inflation is rising fast, it costs more everywhere: in the supermarket, at the petrol station, in the gym when you book a trip. Let’s face it: Tell us your savings tips and tell us about your financial problem so we can spend less money together.

To start with two pieces of advice from our users:

1. Andreas P. suggests: A basic supplement of approximately 10,000 kWh per person and year should be completely exempt from all taxes and duties. (…) Settlement takes place with StID, tax number and the original invoice from the energy supplier with the local tax office.

2. Heidrun F’s idea is much faster to implement at home. She writes: “After a full bath, you can use the water to flush the toilet.”

Write to us!

Do you have a financial problem that you want to tell us about? Do you have an extremely good savings tip that you would like to share with others? Do you feel that you have been cheated by a company? Write me an email to [email protected]

As you can see, there are many different ways to save money. That is why we at FOCUS Online have created the prism champions: One and three colleagues deal intensively with this topic. We will present them to you – and everyone has special tips for you.

Philina Lietzmann

Need to save but do not know where? I will show you where you can get the big savings, be it in contracts, insurance or in your bank. With me you can earn hundreds of euros a year.

Four tips from Philine:

  1. Make a tax return if you are not already doing so and get your money back from the state
  2. Check contracts and switch to a cheaper provider if in doubt: banking, telephone, health insurance, liability, internet connection, streaming
  3. Cancel or suspend all unnecessary subscriptions
  4. Change your health insurance – click here for link tips

Konstantinos Mitsis

Supermarket prices are skyrocketing, but furniture, clothing, shoes and other consumer goods are also becoming more expensive. As a retail expert, I know the tricks of the trade and tell you how to save money for you and your family every month when you shop.

Discounts and supermarkets raise prices every other day. It is difficult for consumers to keep track. My tip: Always take the receipt with you after your purchase and write down the prices of groceries that you keep buying for yourself or your family. With this important information you can then search for suitable special offers in brochures, apps and also on the internet. When you make an offer, always look at the basic price per. kilograms or per. liters. This makes it easier for you to compare between branded and unnamed items.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are often available in many supermarkets and discount stores in the evenings from Tuesday to Thursday at half price. It can especially pay off if you commute to and from work by bus or train every day. If you find a supermarket on the way to work, you can find cheaper fruit and vegetables after 6.30 pm. Keep an eye out for discount labels. From experience, the discount stores Aldi, Lidl, Norma, Netto Marken-Discount and Penny are the most valuable for such fruit and vegetable discounts. In the country it is worth looking for discounts at the weekly market or at the farmers market in the late afternoon or afternoon. Then you will not find a larger selection, but you can even negotiate prices directly with the dealer.

Always buy on a full stomach. Hunger is generally a bad companion and determines what ends up in the shopping cart. As a rule, you put things in the shopping cart that you would like to eat or drink. In the end, the receipt is longer and the purse is much lighter.

Clemens Schömann-Finck

Is the price wave soon over – or has it just begun? Clemens – known from “René wants dividends” – has an eye for the factors that lead to rising prices. He also explains how everyone can get more out of their money to withstand the price increase.

It’s the little things that make the difference: coffee to go in the morning, lunch in the bakery for a sandwich – the little things quickly become five to six euros a day. Gives 100 or even 120 euros a month – if you do not take the weekends into account. You can save money by simply pouring your coffee into a thermo mug at home and making your own sandwich for the break. It’s not that practical, but it pays off. Because if you then invest the money saved on the stock exchange via a savings plan, it quickly becomes many thousands of euros.

Volker Tietz

Do you have a problem that we can solve for you? As a financial expert, I will fight for your concerns so you get your rights. For it is not just about saving, but also not about paying too much or unjustifiably.

The black book is published every year, and it turns out that politicians have invested billions of euros in taxpayers’ money in meaningless projects. Politicians must not always unilaterally pillage consumers, they must also use taxpayers’ money wisely and use the funds. If it did, taxes could be lowered. And one more note: the electoral gifts generously distributed by politicians are our money.

You should also pay attention to both sides of the money in private trade – the origin of the funds and the use of the funds. Or put more simply: Where do I earn well and how do I use my savings wisely. And if you feel you have been cheated or there is something wrong here (as I did in the ECB), write to me.

Write to us!

Do you have a financial problem that you want to tell us about? Do you have an extremely good savings tip that you would like to share with others? Do you feel that you have been cheated by a company? Write me an email to [email protected]

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