How chaotic will qualifying in Miami be?

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Ricciardo is threatened with problems

The Australian must go to the stewards at 20:45. He is said to have violated clause 11.2 of the event notes. These dictate to drivers where and how to perform test starts. Here is the literal point:

“All drivers performing a practice start should do so by pulling as far forward on the grid as possible and should, if necessary, wait for others to make a start before reaching a grid position further ahead.”

“Under no circumstances should a driver make a training start if another car is still standing still in front of him on the same side of the net.”

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New asphalt next year?

In that context, Ralf Schumacher even believes that the track must be rebuilt until the 2023 race. The current situation is “a major problem” which can no longer be solved in the short term.

“It’s a problem and I also think you should show up again by next year,” Schumacher said on ‘Sky’. Also in the frame races are “insanely many cars […] just flew off, “Schumacher said.

Let’s see how it goes in the qualification afterwards!


How chaotic will the qualification be?

You have to ask yourself this question, because it is not only rain that threatens the qualification. The riders also struggle on a dry track. At the moment you have to assume at least one red flag – probably even more.

McLaren team manager Andreas Seidl explains to ‘Sky’: “As soon as you are a meter away from the ideal line, you really have zero grip. Of course on the one hand due to the tire wear, which is always next to the ideal line.”

“But it’s just particularly bad here because these rocks detach from this new asphalt and then lie next to the ideal line, which then simply causes zero grip,” Seidl said.

That’s why we see so many departures.


FT3: Closing time

That was the best time to stay with Perez. Verstappen spun in turn 13, but was able to avoid an impact. lucky! He finishes session P3 behind Leclerc and ahead of Alonso and Vettel, who are fifth.

Also strong: Schumacher on P6 and Albon on P9. No sign of Mercedes. Hamilton and Russell only land on P15 and P17. Where did yesterday’s pace go? The qualification is in two hours. Before that the FT3 overview:



Photos: F1: Miami (USA) Grand Prix 2022, Saturday


FT3: Vettel P4

Vettel slides between the two Ferraris with a 1: 30.049 in P4. Is Aston Martin doing better this weekend? P4 may seem unrealistic, but you can at least dream of Q3 in the form afterwards.

Meanwhile, Perez took the lead again with a 1: 30.304. The last word is not yet said here! Four more minutes.


FT3: Best time Verstappen

With the last ten minutes running, Perez has pushed the best time down to 1: 30.699. However, the teammate immediately follows, Verstappen takes the lead with a 1: 30.649 – a little faster.

What else do the competitors have up their sleeve? Mercedes in particular is not making as strong an impression at the moment as it did yesterday.


FT3: Gasly warned

The Frenchman crossed the white line at the entrance to the pit. It is forbidden, therefore, the black and white flag. In the meantime, we are waiting for the hunt for times to start in earnest in the last minutes.

Leclerc starts with a 1: 30.981 on the bleeds. But this is much faster!


New control electronics for Sainz

The Spaniard also got a new part after his departure. Incidentally, only two devices are allowed for the control electronics throughout the season, which is why he is already at the border.

We said it already here in the ticker today: It should not be long before we see the first motor penalties this year. And this is only the fifth of 23 weekends …


New parts for Bottas

We use the interruption to pass on some info: Bottas got his third turbo and his third MGU-H after his FT1 crash and has already reached the maximum allowed. It has also got a new gearbox.

The session is scheduled to resume in a minute. Then the interruption will have lasted 13 minutes. That’s more than 20 percent of the session that the teams have lost again.


FT3: Ocon ok

That, of course, is the most important thing. But his departure in turn 14 now ensures that everyone loses time – again. Lots of work for Alpine now, qualifying starts in less than three hours.

Verstappen continues to lead, now with 1: 31.355. But it will be much faster as soon as it continues.


FT3: Red flag

The course remains difficult: Magnussen spun in turn 17. However, he can continue and a break is not necessary. But such incidents could, of course, play a round later in qualifying.

I should not have written about it: Now Ocon is lightening – and this time there is a red flag.


FT3: times

Yesterday, Russell was the only rider with a lap time of less than 1:30. The Mercedes driver had 1: 29,938 in FT2. As usual, we will first see the fastest times towards the end of the session.

Verstappen currently leads with a 1: 34.037. So not relevant and driven by the media. Here it’s more about catching up on the lost kilometers from FT2.


FT3: Let’s go!

No surprise: As we predicted, Verstappen, Bottas and Sainz are among the drivers coming on the track immediately. In general, it gets pretty crowded right away. On the one hand, of course, it has to do with the fact that Miami is a new track.

And the drivers want to spend the time getting to know the track even better. On the other hand, all pilots lost time yesterday due to the red flags. Ten of the 20 riders were already on the slopes. This is sometimes completely different in FT3!


Q3: Open the session sticker now!

It’s starting with FT3 and you know the game: Here at this point there is only the most important information, pictures and voices for the next 60 minutes. You can get the complete coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen.

At Ferrari, by the way, it looks like they are working on the rear wing and will drive with a little less downforce. In return, you would be a little faster on straight.



Formula 1 reports only 20 percent risk of rain for FT3. But this is not particularly surprising, because it is expected right now that the rain will come first in qualifying.

The temperatures are very similar yesterday: the air temperature is 32.8 degrees, the asphalt is a full 48.4 degrees. It’s not comfortable in the car …

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