Fulda: Clear goal in the American football Oberliga

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Of: Sabine Kohl

The American football players Matek Juks (from left), Frank Schreiner and Marius Rudolph from Fulda Saints are looking forward to the start of the season. © Sabine Kohl

For the outsider, there is probably no sport that is more like a fight on the schoolyard than American football. But the hunt for touchdowns depends on speed, tactics, overview and quick thinking. Also with the Fulda Saints, who are now starting their second Oberliga season.

Fulda – Attack and Defense – Attack and Defense -, two parties consisting of eleven players face each other in American football. And yes, first of all, the so-called tackling is quite uneven at first. Here are the players who take the most with them (read also here: Fulda Saints: Football players have established themselves in the Oberliga).

With full physical effort, the offensive line tries to create a hole in the defensive line for the fullbacks – quarterback or running back – so they can bring the ball into the opposite end zone, the end of the field. Then there are points. This is exactly what the line of defense is trying to prevent (read here: Los Angeles in Super Bowl fever – and in the middle of it a photographer from Fulda).

Fulda: Clear goal in the American football Oberliga – Saints will have the title

But that’s not all in football. The sport is many times more complex. As Matek Juks and Marius Rudolph, defense and attack captains at Fulda Saints, quickly realize – or rather: have known for a long time – when they try to explain to the author of these lines what tasks are performed by parts of teams that they leader.

The editor’s ears soon ring with expressions such as linebacker, wide receiver, running back, corner back, safety, interception or sack. However, this text is not intended to be an in-depth analysis of football rules. The non-exhaustive list of positions and moves should only make it clear that the game is much more than a wild fight.

The schedule of the holy Fulda

Kick-off for all home matches is at 3 pm at SG Johannesberg sports field. Schedule: May 7: Kassel Titans Fulda Saints, May 21: Wetzlar Wolves – Fulda Saints, June 4: Fulda Saints – Hanau Hornets, June 25: Fulda Saints – Wetzlar Wolves, July 2: Black Goats Mannebach – Fulda Saints, July 10: Fulda Saints – Kassel Titans, July 23: Fulda Saints – Black Goats Mannebach, August 28: Hanau Hornets – Fulda Saints.

“All players on the team have a precisely defined job, even if you do not see it as a layman from the outside,” describes Marius Rudolph, who as a wide receiver receives passes from his quarterback on the sidelines. the field and then around the ball as far as possible into the opponent’s half of the field.

A big, heavy player like those who often appear on the offensive or defensive line would be out of place here. Recipients tend to be smaller but are quick and agile. “So there is a suitable position for everyone in football,” describes defense captain Matek Juks (read here: Exam after Super Bowl night: Stein students ask the TV team for help – the answer goes viral).

Video: About the Super Bowl – American football rules briefly explained

And for all players, nothing works in football without the ability to assess situations at lightning speed. A trip often lasts only a few seconds. In particular, quarterbacks need to quickly assess the situation on the court and decide whether to send the ball to the fullback behind them or to a wide receiver.

More than 100 moves have been defined that any offensive player should be able to call up on a cue. The defense works more intuitively, but it needs to analyze the strategy of the attack just as quickly and respond accordingly. Football: A game not only for muscles, but above all for the mind. The clear goal for the Fulda Saints: the championship.

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