Fortuna Düsseldorf – F95 shuffles the cards in the promotion match after 2: 1 against Darmstadt

Madness towards Darmstadt
Fortuna shuffles the cards in the promotion battle after winning

Fortuna once again made the battle for promotion to the Bundesliga really exciting. Düsseldorf won 2-1 over second place Darmstadt. This means that Schalke 04 can complete the promotion against FC St. Pauli Saturday night.

The weather in Düsseldorf gave everything this Friday to ensure a wonderful football night. With mild early summer temperatures, 31,622 spectators in the arena wanted to see how Fortuna presented itself in the season’s last home game. After all, there was a lot at stake for the guest: SV Darmstadt 98 is still in the middle of the battle for promotion. So the inhabitants of Düsseldorf did not want to show any weaknesses – also in order not to be guilty of distortion of competition.

Fortuna was able to pull this tooth straight from all the skeptics. Only three turns of the pointer were completed when coach Daniel Thione’s team took the lead. Felix Klaus tripped on the right side and sent the ball back to the edge of the box. There, Emmanuel Iyoha placed the ball short on his left foot and shot dry into the left corner. For Fortuna’s homemade player, it was also the first goal as a professional for his home club – after 45 competitive matches.

And Düsseldorf should immediately follow up with a wonderful attack. Shinta Appelkamp moved into the opposite half with great speed during a counterattack and put Klaus in the spotlight on the right side of the penalty area. The winger kept the lead and put the ball across to the forward Matthias Zimmermann, who only had to push in. 2-0 after ten minutes – what a start for Fortuna.

Anyone who thought that Düsseldorf would now take it easy was wrong. Klaus only hit the post after a good hour. A little later, Darmstadt also had the great chance to catch up, but Phillip Tietz managed to shoot the ball over the goal completely free. We went to the break with a 2-0 lead.

The second half should then show a fundamentally different game. Darmstadt ran, played forward and pushed Fortuna further and further into their own half of the field. The result: the Darmstadt team suddenly created opportunities. After 58 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Florian Badstübner to get through. Florian Kastenmeier touched Luca Pfeiffer in his own penalty area. Definitely not a mandatory penalty – but also not a clearly wrong decision so the video assistant could not intervene. Tobias Kempe converted the penalty spot easily due to a goal (60 ‘).

What followed was pure running for half an hour by the hessians. Fortuna could hardly free himself, but eventually held out. Only Daniel Ginczek lost his nerve after a kick after a mistake by Jürgen Gjasula. The Darmstadt player saw yellow and red, the Düsseldorfer the red card (87th). As a result, both teams had to play the last few minutes with one man less. But then nothing should happen. Fortunes says goodbye to the home season with a win.

Before the match, Florian Hartherz, Thomas Pledl, Robert Bozenik, Leonardo Koutris and Kai Eisele also said goodbye to five players who will no longer wear the Düsseldorf jersey from next season. There were also standing ovations for a very large fortune: Oliver Fink is retiring from his active career after this season. But he will remain with the 2nd division team in the future. From October, Fink will take on a role in his own junior academy.

Fortuna is also allowed to say goodbye. Next Sunday, the Düsseldorfers in Hamburg will visit FC St. Pauli. For the Hanseatic League, this fight could still be about promotion. However, Fortuna has now impressively demonstrated against Darmstadt that such a dream can also suddenly be dampened.

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