Formula 1 live ticker: Is Ferrari unpredictable?


Vettel declares underpants protest

With his underwear campaign, the four-time world champion caused a couple of laughs yesterday – even though not everyone found the campaign fun. “It was more of a gag,” he explains to ‘Sky’, adding: “I think the whole story is stupid anyway.”

“We grew up somewhere and everyone should decide for themselves,” he clarifies, emphasizing: “I do not think the FIA ​​threatens a quarter of a million dollars or euros if you have underpants on, I do ‘I do not think it’s good for our sport. “

He finds the FIA’s current line of jewelry and underwear “a little over the top”. Hence the witty protest.


Mercedes: In the battle for pole today?

Speaking of which, it can only get better at Mercedes after the mixed start to the season. And yesterday it was with P1 and P4! “A tiring but encouraging day,” sums up Andrew Shovlin.

“We had a few aerodynamic updates to try and we’re still evaluating the results, but overall it looks like we’ve made some progress,” he says confidently.

“There are a few notable bumps on this track that are throwing the car off course, but overall it’s a solid start, especially compared to our last Fridays,” Shovlin said.

Will that be enough to fight for pole today? Or will Red Bull and Ferrari retire on Saturday?


Alonso: It can only get better from now on!

The Spaniard started again last weekend with a strong fifth place. But even though the two-time world champion in 2022 has almost always been fast so far, the results do not reflect that at all.

After P9 at the start in Bahrain, he recently missed the points three times in a row – for various reasons that were often beyond his control. “I think I have all that misfortune behind me,” he smiles.

“It evens out over 23 races,” he hopes. In other words, things can only get better. Let’s see if he can get a result that matches his performance this time in Miami.


Why Bottas could not drive in FT2

We promised a clarification – and we can now deliver it. The Finn himself revealed that the exhaust and turbo were damaged in his crash in FT1. Therefore, it was “impossible” to drive in FT2.

“[Es war ein] really expensive mistake on my part, “admits Bottas, who reveals:” Luckily I had the old specification of the undercarriage on the car. ” At least he did not break any new parts when he took off.

And: “I do not expect any penalties at the moment,” he also stresses. So lucky in misfortune.


The most important thing for Friday …

… we’ve summed it up again in this series of pictures. The fastest way to get updated!


Bump causes criticism

Basically, drivers like the new track in Miami. But there is also criticism. According to Hamilton, there are “big, big, big bumps”. And the record champion has absolutely no understanding of that.

“It’s a little crazy when you consider that people should be able to make a smooth road relatively easily these days,” he shrugs. He hopes this can be resolved in the future.

The second point of criticism is the harassment. “It’s so narrow,” he explains, hoping, “it’s a curve they might be able to remove in the future. It would improve the track.” Besides that, the track is good to ride.


Friday in the analysis

Kevin Scheuren and our editor-in-chief Christian Nimmervoll turned night into day and analyzed Formula 1 Friday in Miami live for you a few hours ago. The following topics were discussed:

– Conclusion: How amazing is Formula 1 in Miami?
– FIA investigates: cheated Ferrari?
– Due to jewelery ban: Hamilton and Vettel threaten FIA!
– Updates: Only Mercedes really brings new parts
– Highlights: It was Friday training
– The long runs in the analysis
– Questions from channel members from live chat

The two will of course also contact you on Sunday evening with an analysis on YouTube channel. We will, as usual, announce the exact start time during the day.

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