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Ludwigsburg missed the Champions League final in Bilbao with 55:63 against Manresa. The MHP giants despair over their misfortune, simple throws do not find the target. “We should actually lead by 10 points,” coach John Patrick complained during the break. The time was still 35:35, it did not get better with the degrees. For Jonah Radebaugh, the defeat is “a big disappointment.” On Sunday, from 4.40 pm live on MagentaSport, the MHP giants will fight for 3rd place against Hapoel Holon. FC Bayern is back on course in easyCredit BBL against Ulm and secured at least 3rd place after the main round. After the narrow play-off against Barcelona in the EuroLeague, Bayern won 65:77. Despite some improvement, Trinchieri is satisfied – his team did an “excellent” job. Bayern continue on Sunday in the BBL against Göttingen (live from 17.45 on MagentaSport) before the main round final against Alba Berlin next Tuesday (from 20.15 live on MagentaSport).

Below are the main voices from the Friday matches in the BBL and Champions League – if they are used, please name the source MagentaSport. Tonight we continue with the last chance for Crailsheim to get to the playoffs against Chemnitz 99ers – live from 20.15 on MagentaSport.

MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg – BAXI Manresa 55:63

No final entrance for the MHP giants, the worm was in there. The Spaniards take advantage of Ludwigsburg’s exploitation of chances. Ludwigsburg assigns simple layups and penalty throws. 52.4 percent free throw is not enough to win. The Giants continue on Sunday in the battle for third place against Hapoel Holon (live from 16.40 on MagentaSport). Coach John Patrick’s team lost to the Israelis twice in the main round.

Jonah Radebaugh, 7 points Ludwigsburg: “I think we missed too many layups and free throws. We can not give up. It was not a matter of effort. We just missed too much dignity, they hit them. We did not play so well in the second half either we played in defense , as we imagined. It can happen. “

About 3rd place battle and focus: “It’s going to be tough. It’s a big disappointment. We still have a chance to play and we’ll take advantage of that.”

John Patrick, coach Ulm at the break: “I mean we give them too many easy layups. We also give too many layups and free throws away. I think we have to lead by 10 points. Both teams play very hard and defensively well. It’s a real match …. “It’s very high here too. Especially behind our bench there are some horns.”

ratiopharm Ulm – Bayern Munich 65:77

Ulmer certainly has the playoffs, but would like to attack again. After the close playoff defeat against Barcelona, ​​Bayern are back in easyCredit BBL. Bayern make it confident and secure at least 3rd place. While the Ulm team plays the last match of the season on Sunday, Bayern Göttingen will meet on Sunday before the main round on Tuesday (from 20.15 live on MagentaSport). -End finish against Alba Berlin goes.

Andrea Trinchieri, Bayern Munich coach: “I think we showed once again that we have values ​​and a good team culture. We shared the minutes and everyone gave something to help the team. I am very happy for my team … After the match against Barcelona, ​​we met at the pitch and the guys had very little energy. We just tried to keep going and the players did a great job. “

Vladimir Lucic, 17 points Bayern Munich: “To be honest, I was a bit nervous about how we would react after the strenuous series and the narrow defeat against Barcelona. We hardly felt we had time to gather some energy and train. Today saw a tough match against a strong team. Ulm has played a very good season so far. It was not easy. “

Sindarius Thornwell, 17 points Ulm: “Bayern just made more and better moves than us. They made the right decisions. I think they were just the more disciplined team. There was commitment and energy and we stopped. That’s all you can ask for … “We gave them too many opportunities and chances. A good team like Bayern take advantage of that.”

Link to the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx27Zrl1O98&ab_channel=MAGENTASPORT

Thorsten Leibenath, sports director Ulm before the match: “Theoretically, there’s still a lot to do. We could still finish third, although I think that’s very unlikely. I would not mind if we finished fourth. It also requires a victory today. We know all, how hard it is against Bayern.We were able to surprise Bayern in the first match, but we do not today.We delivered good performances internationally and if we can build on that, we can surprise in day.”

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easyCredit BBL

Saturday, May 7, 2022

From 20.15: HAKRO Merlins Crailsheim – Chemnitz 99ers

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Fra 14.45: Löwen Braunschweig – Alba Berlin, ratiopharm Ulm – Casting 46ers

From 17.45: Bayern Munich – BG Göttingen

From 20.15: Brose Bamberg – Hamburg Towers

Champions League

3rd place match

From 16.40: MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg – Hapoel Holon


From 19.40: Lenovo Tenerife – BAXI Manresa

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