Dramatic Bundesliga promotion match: It speaks for Werder Bremen!

Bremen – With his 123 years, SV Werder Bremen is no longer a teenager. But the mood swings that this club can cause sometimes get grotesque teenage moves. After the Schalke match, there was a collective madness of joy in the fan camp, then the bankruptcy in Kiel suddenly caused horror, anger and mental pain. For days, pessimism reigned in the streets and in the quiet little room when it came to Werder and the subject of promotion. Then came last Friday – and with it Fortuna Düsseldorf’s victory over Darmstadt 98. Since then, the green-whites have been going on again, and without action on their part, they again have everything in their own hands.

It means: if Werder Bremen from the last two matches against Ore Mountains Aue (Sunday at 13.30, DeichStube live ticker) and Jahn Regensburg (Sunday 15 May at 15.30) score a total of four points, so whatever happens can happen at the other stadiums – the direct return to Bundesliga would be perfect. But still. Hallelujah! That would be the next insane twist in Bremen’s emotional chaos. But there is still a long way to go. Nevertheless, there are good reasons for Werder.

The staff

The return of important players is often garnished with the addition “in good time”. There should actually be an increase at Osterdeich, for Bremen’s defensive trio comeback could hardly be “more timely”. Chief of Defense Omer Toprakneighbor Milos Veljkovic and sixes Christian Gross are all fresh again and candidates for start XI, which emphatically increases their quality. The team of three was to give the team the structure and security that was lost more and more against Kiel after a 2-0 lead. It has worked well for long stretches of the season – and can now become a very crucial factor in the promotion race.

Werder Bremen have the promotion to the Bundesliga back in their own hands

Werners balance

Week after week, this second division proves that results are unpredictable. Nonetheless Werder Bremen clear favorite, due Ore Mountains Aue has already been relegated and has only won five matches. The Saxons are trying to make up for the latest 0: 6 against Darmstadt, the injured captain Martin Männel emphasizes: “We must save the face.” There is a lot of pressure in the game, an entire club is at a crossroads. And now there is always an opponent coach in Ole Werner, who really likes Aue. The 34-year-old is still unbeaten in five games (four wins, one draw) and hopes it stays that way: “Of course I would be happy if the overall positive balance could be extended further.”

The tunnel

A large white tarpaulin makes it unmistakably clear that changes are needed. Where Werder Bremen Professionals are training otherwise, lots of lawn and soil have been removed, a new course is being created. As the field next door has also suffered and the other fields have been rejected, Bremen have prepared for four days at the Weser Stadium. Without disturbing glances and external influences, but with the greatest possible concentration. and Ole Werner conveys credibly that his players know exactly what it’s about: “We want to win the match and it requires goals, solutions to create chances and efficiency. That’s our focus.” On Sunday we are out of the tunnel again with full steam towards three points. So ideally. But Werner is sure: “We are heat without end.”

The resurrection of SV Werder Bremen: “We would do well to take care of ourselves”

The setbacks

A look in the rearview mirror gives Werder’s coach extra confidence. He actually does not like to do it, but if something positive is shown like that, then he does it Ole Werner an exception. After all, there were already a few phases in which his team was written off. Back then he was in no man’s land table took over, for example, to then – also against Aue – initiate the trend reversal. Later, Bremen weakened in unfavorable moments, lost important points and always came back. In the northern derby against HSV or on Schalke settled previous setbacks. After the mourning in Kiel and the replay in Düsseldorf, there is now the possibility of the next resurrection. It’s probably the last one. That the team knows how it works and not just have to dream about it is a huge mental benefit.

The competition

For weeks, they have been emphasizing Werder Bremen: “We would do well if we only looked at ourselves.” Clemens Fritz, head of professional football, says this phrase most of the time. So either Ole Werner or sports director Frank Baumann. The Bremen have so far done quite well with this route. In the meantime, however, the view also goes beyond the horizon. For this match day has also proven: Other clubs also have their problems. The only thing that is clear is that Schalke 04 secured promotion thanks to a spectacular 3-2 victory against FC St. Pauli Saturday night. It would no doubt be too dangerous to trust Strauchler from the competition, but they naturally kindly registered at Werder what happened in Düsseldorf last Friday. Especially then with HSV, which in fact had already been written off, yet another club is now involved in the important places. Because others allowed it. It promises a final sprint with tremendous excitement and a lot of suffering: “Something crazy usually happens again,” has also Ole Werner said just recently. His eleven can go victoriously out of all this back and forth with just four points. Sounds easy. But what was easy for Werder this season? (mbu)

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