Direct! Insane atmosphere at Schalke – breaks full north curve

Schalke 04 can move up to the Bundesliga against St. Pauli. We cross from Gelsenkirchen: This is how the fans and the city look forward to promotion.

  • Historically possible: Schalke 04 want to move up to the Bundesliga on Saturday.
  • S04 must be in the evening FC St Pauli beat – then the return to the upper house is perfect.
  • IN Gelsenkirchen everything is preparing for the great ascension celebration. Here you can find out all about the game in our news blog.

It could be a royal blue holiday: FC Schalke 04 can go to Saturday night Bundesliga rise – if he plays his home game against FC St Pauli winner (20.30, Sport1). In Gelsenkirchen, all the preparations for the big party have been going on for a long time. Follow the ticker here to see how S04, the fans and the city prepare for the possibly historic match against St. Pauli. In our News blog from Gelsenkirchen find out all about the game between Schalke 04 and St. Pauli. Our reporters are on site and provide all the information and impressions of the city.

All focal points in the match between Schalke and St. Pauli:

Live ticker: Schalke 04 can move up to the Bundesliga – Gelsenkirchen prepares for the party

Saturday 21:59: Terodde puts the bracket together – 2: 2 (70th).

Saturday 21.35: The connection. Simon Terodde makes it 1: 2 (46th) with a penalty kick.

Saturday 20:53: Ko Itakura scores to 1: 2 (22.) – but the goal is withdrawn. Itakura previously touched the ball with his hand.

Saturday 20:48: And that 2: 0. Matanovic meets again (17th).

Saturday 20:39: St. Pauli takes the lead. Igor Matanovic makes it 1-0 in the eighth minute.

Saturday 20:31: At the beginning of the game, pyroblus and smoke ignite on the northern curve:

Saturday 20.31: kick-off!

Saturday 20:22: Mike Büskens is thrilled with the atmosphere. “It’s a moving atmosphere. Everyone who lives in the Ruhr area knows how euphoric it is around Schalke. But we have to do our job today,” the coach said on the Sport1 microphone. “Ultimately, it’s the rectangle that counts.”

Schalke mod St. Pauli: The northern curve is tightly packed

Saturday 20.20: It is packed on the northern curve. There could possibly be more spectators than allowed in the stands. It starts in ten minutes!

Saturday 20.15: A quarter of an hour before the kick-off, a large banner was rolled out in the north stands: “Tonight the longing is burning”.

Saturday 20:06: To get in the mood, Schalke fans gave their team a dignified reception:

Saturday 20.05: The game starts in less than 30 minutes. Atmosphere: already fantastic.

Saturday 20:03: The Eurofighters are clapped in front of the bulging north curve:

St. Paulis coaches Schultz before the duel in Schalke: “Everything is still possible”

Saturday at 20:00: During the winter break, St. Pauli leading in the standings, but the Hamburg team played their good starting position away. Before the match in Schalke, they are in fifth place. “We can read the table,” coach Timo Schultz said. “But anything is still possible.” The goal is to play bravely forward and score one goal more than the opponent, Schultz told Sport1. It went wrong on his last visit to Berger Feld with St. Pauli. “We got the goals from Raul and Huntelaar,” Schultz recalls.

Saturday 19.50: Goosebumps even before kick-off: Eurofighters, who sensationally won the UEFA Cup 25 years ago, are honored in the arena. Century coach Huub Stevens speaks to the audience.

Saturday 19:43: Said Ascension scarf:

Schalke: Eurofighter Youri Mulder praises Mike Büskens

Saturday 19:39: Schalke’s Eurofighters are also hoping for promotion. “We boys are good luck. The whole season has been pure madness. They are fighting for each other. You can see there is a team on the field,” said Youri Mulder live on Sport1. “It’s fun to watch.” Mike Büskens touched the team emotionally. “Sometimes it’s not just about tactics,” Mulder says.

Saturday 7.30 pm: Surprise in the starting lineup: Rodrigo Zalazar is only sitting on the bench. Mike Büskens sends this eleven into the race against St. Pauli: Fraisl – Ouwejan, Itakura, Kaminski, Vindheim, Latza, Flick, Churlinov, Bülter, Drexler, Terodde. On the bench are Ferryman, Aydin, Calhanoglu, Idrizi, Matriciani, Palsson, Pieringer, Thiaw and Zalazar.

Schalke vs. St. Pauli: Tickets are traded on the black market for 500 euros

Saturday 19:23: Anyone in possession of a card can consider themselves lucky. Rumors say around the arena that tickets for the match against St. Pauli is traded on the black market for up to 500 euros …

Saturday 19.20: Promotion scarves are already sold at Veltins Arena – not official from the club. But of course: the fans are sure that Schalke today make it clear that they are moving up again.

Saturday 19:07: Wherever: The Schalke colors blue and white are represented throughout Gelsenkirchen. Sweaters and scarves as far as the eye can see. Atmosphere: effervescent, tense, full of anticipation. Everything is done, and the S04 annex can not wait for the kick-off. Taxis depart every second from the Schalker Meile towards the stadium and the trams are packed. Everyone wants to be there.

Twente’s fans are crossing their fingers for Schalke’s promotion

Saturday 18:51: Schalke 04 receives support from the Netherlands. Fans of friendly FC Twente from Enscheide cross their fingers for the miners.

Saturday 18:48: The streets of Gelsenkirchen are crowded. There is an increased traffic volume, reports the police in Gelsenkirchen. “Stay patient,” the authority recommends.

Schalke fans get creative: Trailers from Herne rent a trailer

Saturday 18:34: Fans get creative: These Schalke players from Herne have rented a trailer and are on their way to the arena. On the back of the trailer hangs a banner with the following inscription: “You are shouting – we are drinking. Everything for S04 – Herne on tour”.

Saturday 17:32: Gelsenkirchen police have shared some information on how to get there. For St. Pauli fans taking the train from Hamburg to Gelsenkirchen, there are buses available at the main station. There is a shuttle service to Veltins Arena. Anyone coming by car via the A2 must turn off via Herten. “That way, you can reach your destination faster,” the authority said.

Saturday 16:31:

Saturday 15:43: In Gelsenkirchen, expectations for the duel are constantly rising. It must be an emotional night. On Sunday, our experts will analyze everything that has to do with Schalke’s fight against St. Pauli and possibly promotion. Note: The live stream with S04 reporter starts on Sunday at 15.30 Andreas Ernst (Funke Sport) and the moderators Sinan Sat. and Matthew Heselman (both WAZ Gelsenkirchen).

Gelsenkirchen is hot on the way up: Schalke has been on its feet since Saturday morning

Saturday 15.03: The city has long been in the mood for growth. Since the early morning hours, people in Gelsenkirchen have been wearing scarves, jackets and sweaters Schalke 04 On the road. Passing cars play S04 songs. A couple of tents have been erected at Grillo-Platz, and there is also a program for fans at the Schalker Markt. The supporter club had invited everyone to get in the mood for the game there until the evening.

As always at home matches, the Schalke flag is hoisted on Bahnhofsstrasse, and flags are hung from many windows. Schalke is also present in other cities in the Ruhr area. In Essen, for example, several fans are out walking in jerseys.

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