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But German dart fans gave a very bad picture …

Three German starters have been eliminated on the first day of the European Darts Open in Leverkusen. But the biggest bankruptcy is the behavior of some fans. The reporter even feels compelled to intervene!

A week ago, the European Tour took a tour. The darts circus was a guest at the Austrian Darts Open in Graz, and the Austrian fans showed that an atmospheric backdrop and sporting justice when throwing darts are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Now the trip has returned to Germany. The European Darts Open is played in Leverkusen until Sunday, and as with some of the previous events, such as in Riesa and Hildesheim, some obviously uneducated people in the hall created trouble.

The troublemakers had explicitly targeted the Dutch players and opponents of the German starters. While shouts like “Without Holland we go to the World Cup” are now being accepted with shaking of the head, targeted hedges and whistles during the pros’ throwing movements caused anger and misunderstanding.

In the first round match between Maik Kuivenhoven and Stephen Bunting, there was not much missing for the fans to not only influence the game, but also decide it. Kuivenhoven, nervous about the disruptive maneuver, threatened to give up the victory and in the end came only narrowly ahead 6: 5 thanks to the Englishman’s missed chances. Ringer George Noble’s admonishing words had not helped either.

A process that brought Philip Brzezinski to the stage microphone after the match. “If the majority wants Stephen Bunting to win, it’s okay. Then Stephen Bunting cheers, calling Stephen Bunting’s name, but please,” said the master of ceremonies, continuing almost pleadingly, “The whistle and buh when the boys throw doubles are really not necessary “Stop it. We do not need it in darts at all, and I will tell you one thing: the boys will not win like that either. The boys will not win like that.”

At the event in Hildesheim, Brzezinski, who moderated the program from the stage on the European Tour and conducted the interviews with the winners, had clearly encouraged the fans to reason.

Words that give PDC Europe attitude and at the same time make it clear that the darts audience should in no way be taken into the care of the clan. As in Hildesheim, the overwhelming majority responded with applause.

Otherwise, there was not much to applaud on Friday from the German side. Lukas Wenig was eliminated 3: 6 by Andrew Gilding in the afternoon, followed in the evening by Niko Kurz (4: 6 against Rowby-John Rodriguez) and also Gabriel Clemens.

Germany's number one: Gabriel ClemensFoto: picture alliance / DPPI media

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Germany’s number one: Gabriel ClemensPhoto: picture alliance / DPPI media

The German number one lost 3: 6 to Dave Chisnall after a poor performance. When the man from Saarwelling won his first stage to 1: 3, he had an average of 76 points. In the sixth stage, he showed his abilities again and checked for seven perfect arrows in eleven arrows to 2: 4, but otherwise did not live up to expectations.

Chisnall struggled more with the charged whistles than his opponent. After the Englishman still hit a double one in the third attempt in the middle of the match, he demonstratively touched his ear and ironically extended his thumb in the direction of the audience. It’s annoying – organizers, other fans and also the players.

Martin Schindler’s match showed how fascinating darts can be with good mood and top sporting performance. “I was really nervous, especially in the beginning. My heart is still beating. I’m really shaking,” the 25-year-old admitted, impressed by the volume and ferocity with which the Leverkusen audience cheered.

A strong performance and no less intense support led to a 6: 2 victory for Schindler over Ritchie Edhouse. The German directly corrected the napkin loss in the first instance with the rope break and then came better and better into play during the hectic cheers. He consistently punished Edhouse’s first wasted chances with the break to 4: 2, and a little later he checked 85 points to win spectacularly via bullseye.

Schindler, the German player in the best shape since the beginning of the year, will meet top player Rob Cross in the second round on Saturday (live from 1pm on Sport1 and DAZN). “I look forward to it,” Schindler said, radiating determination, referring to his Rammstein walk-on song, “I will.”

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