Boris & Lilly Becker: Still married despite separation four years ago – that’s why

The former tennis star appeared in court with his current girlfriend, Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro. But he is still married to Lilly Becker, from whom he was separated in 2018. Why?

Boris Becker was with his second wife, Lilly Becker (45), for 13 years. Their wedding took place in 2009 and their son Amadeus (12) was born just a year later. But even as with his first wife Barbara Becker (55), with whom he has two sons – Noah (28) and Elias (22) – the marriage should not last long: Lilly filed for divorce in 2018. It was four years ago, but they two are still married. In an interview on British television with moderator Piers Morgan (57), she even emphasizes this again: “I’m still his wife,” she clarifies, “it may be separated, but we’re still married, and we are. each to his own. ” But why is the divorce not over yet? We did some research and found a sad answer: money.

Lilly Becker sticks to her ex-partner Boris Becker. In an interview with RTL-Exclusive, she talks about the punishment and what it means for their son Amadeus. Click on the video above and see what she thinks about the verdict.

Lilly Becker: She demands more than 15,000 euros in maintenance

Lilly Becker and her son Amadeus live in London – a rather expensive place to live. BUNTE reported in 2018 that Boris pays an estimated 15,000 euros a month to his estranged wife and their child. A sum that at first sounds very high, but to keep the standard of living in the British city and the house quite appropriate – but Lilly and Boris could not agree on the sum. But the multiple Wimbledon winner has nothing more to give: After he has to give a large part to his insolvency administrator, the rest is enough for his fixed costs, which according to his own statement amount to as much as 35,000 euros a month, and alimony amadeus

Today, four years later, Boris Becker is in jail for hiding parts of his assets – including real estate, accounts and some of the most important trophies of his career. It was decided by a court in London and sentenced the tennis idol to two and a half years in prison. The divorce is still not over. Lilly Becker is shocked and emphasizes in the interview on British television: “We all took care of ourselves – the ex-wife, the children, his current girlfriend Lilian – the first thing we did was reach out to us.”

Lilly Becker on Amadeus: “The highest priority in my life is my son”

Even after this fateful fate, her highest priority remains her son Amadeus. Already in 2018, she fought hard for her child’s well-being and for its support to be increased to guarantee his financial security: “The top priority in my life is my son. I put everything behind him. He is my only everything,” she told BUNTE In this case, Lilly and Boris Becker have not been able to agree to this day.The mother did not forget the fight for more money, but neither did Boris’ prison sentence.In an exclusive interview shortly after the verdict was handed down, she said to BUNTE that she would have liked to have solved the issue a long time ago. “Unfortunately, it did not succeed. I can not change that now and it will take a while before the divorce can be finalized. The only thing that matters to me is a good solution for Amadeus, “the mother concludes.

Lilly and Boris Becker: Will they stay married during his time in prison?

It sounds like the divorce will drag on for a few more years. In an interview with Piers Morgan, she reveals that she also does not want a divorce at the moment: “This is not the right time”. Right now, Boris Becker is only due to serve half of his sentence and can probably spend the rest on probation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But until then, Lilly Becker will continue to be Boris Becker’s wife – and will support him as best he can with his girlfriend, the other ex-wife and his mother: “I’m here to show everyone that there’s a There’s a bunch of really strong women who are not here to talk him up, they are here to protect him, ”she clarified in the British TV program.

Boris Becker: He is serving his sentence in this cell
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