3: 0! Rot-Weiss Essen beats Rödinghausen – and is first

Rot-Weiss Essen is fighting for promotion to league three – and has every chance again. RWE won 3-0 over Rödinghausen and is first.

Such a reaction had become Red and white food hope for after the dark days during the week: Cup away against Wuppertal, dismissal of the coach, but the title candidate showed a convincing performance against sixth place SV Rödinghausen and won deservedly 3-0 (2-0). RWE took the lead in the standings again ahead of the Prussians from Munster, who had the same number of points. The thriller is programmed for the last day of the match. The Essen team is currently two goals better than their competitor.

What such a goalless draw can not. Saturday morning, the sun on Hafenstrasse was probably a little brighter than it had been the past few days. In the battle for the title, leading Preußen Münster had lost the night before with 0: 0 in Wiedenbrück, which immediately triggered optimism in Essen. Rot-Weiss Essen had the chance to get on par with Primus by beating SV Rödinghausen. Then the red-whites should have the final at home against RW Ahlen in a week on the last match day.

Rot-Weiss Essen: Jörn Nowak leads RWE to victory in Rödinghausen

Team manager Jörn Nowak, who now sits on the coaching bench for the released Christian Neidhart, had not made any major personnel changes. A striking goal: Felix Bastians moved into the central defense along with Heber, while Felix Herzenbruch took over the wing position.

Hope lives! And about 2,500 RWE fans traveled with them to live out the dream of promotion. But Rödinghauser, who for organizational reasons had to move to Lotte’s stadium (number of spectators), made it clear after the kick-off that they would not be a generous points provider.

The first scenes belonged to the hosts. Goalkeeper Jakob Golz easily headed a header after a throw-in (1st) and the Bastians had to clear a little later.

But the Essenes quickly took control. Snapped in the duels and ran intensively they found on benefits. First and foremost, Thomas Eisfeld, who wrote and set accents, and Isaiah Young, who was always a source of trouble.

Rot-Weiss Essen: Kefkir makes it 1-0

After a free kick, Bastians finished too weak (9th). Eisfeld then had the lead on his toes and SVR goalkeeper Alexander Sebald deflected his long shot to the corner with his fingertips (13 ‘). And that brought the lead. Eisfeld hit the ball in, which somehow found its way to Oguzhan Kefkir, who shot in from a few yards to make it 1-0 (13th).

RWE kept close, pressed, putting the opponent under constant pressure and often won the ball back on the opponent’s half of the field. Young hurried through the Rödinghauser defense and passed on to Plechaty, who hesitated a tenth of a second too long, so his attempt was blocked (19 ‘). Another corner kick finally made it 2-0 (27th). Kefkir served and Simon Engelmann headed in the net.

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Only after a good half hour did the SVR again come dangerously ahead of the Essen goal. But characteristic of the first half: Plechaty threw himself energetically into Angelos Langer’s shot in the penalty area and cleared it (33 ‘). RWE had the first half under control and led deservedly.

RWE goalkeeper Golz saves – and that is important for the goal difference

Of course, there was no reason to slow down. And that’s exactly what Nowak wants to tell his boys in the locker room. In any case, the title contender seemed to be right back. Although things did not always work out, the commitment was definitely there. And Bastians had the chance (57th), but he only tested the grandstand roof. But no time to worry. “Isi” Young got the ball in the penalty area and with a sudden turn he was past Wolff and hammered the ball under the bar from a narrow angle to 3-0 (57.). Typically, only “Isi” does it that way.

Rödinghausen fought back, no doubt. And substitute Choroba tested goalkeeper Golz (68th) and gave the signal that they were not willing to surrender despite being clearly behind. And Langer’s powerful shot was a challenge for the Essen goalkeeper (78 ‘). The game was now open. Rödinghausen wanted the consolation goal. But Golz saved with a lightning save against Salmann (85th) and held 3: 0. A parade that could still be worth gold.

Rodinghausen – Rot-Weiss Essen 0: 3

Porte: 0-1 Kefkir (13 ‘), 0-2 Engelmann (26’), 0-3 Young (57 ‘)

Rot-Weiss Essen: Here you can read the live ticker:

Roedinghausen – Rot-Weiss Essen

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