“Would have liked not to play against Türkgücü twice”: Schwabl rages over the start of the regional league

Haching chairman criticizes BFV

Türkgücü Munich can start in the regional league. For Unterhaching’s president Manni Schwabl, it borders on a scandal. The association scolds in an interview.

Unterhaching – SpVgg Unterhaching has an opponent in the new football year that they do not want at all. At least if you ask President Manni Schwabl: That Türkgücü Munich will be allowed to start in the regional league after bankruptcy is beyond all sportsmanship for him. However, he is extremely pleased with the development of his own club, although the second division is a long way off. The interview.

Manni Schwabl, a possible start for Türkgücü in the regional league surprised many. Does the Bavarian Football Federation need to reconsider its statutes here?
I believe that because of such a case, the association must not only rethink and reorganize its articles of association, but also show a clear edge. Especially when a club has previously presented BFV in such a way …
Despite the bankruptcy, Türkgücü can try again for professional football. For serious clubs, it must feel like a slap in the face. How’s the mood in Haching?
From my point of view, Türkgücü’s approach is disastrous in terms of fair play, because the game was stopped a few weeks before the end of the season, and as a result, other clubs were also put under a heavy sporting burden. So shortly after, behaving as if nothing had happened and competing again in the Regionalliga Bayern, questions all sportsmanship to me. Actually, I really would not like to play against Türkgücü twice in the new season, but instead organize two advantage matches for a good cause as an alternative. Then at least someone in need is helped and I do not have to be annoyed for 90 minutes twice.
The shape curve at Haching has long pointed upwards again. Are you satisfied with the development of the team?
The development of the team is very gratifying and speaks for the coaching team’s work with the boys. It gives me a lot of hope for the new season.

There will certainly be no hara-kiri actions under the current leadership.

Manni Schwabl on the Adeyemi Millions

When top talent Karim Adeyemi shifts, a lot of money is flushed into the Haching box office. How is the money invested?
We will use the money to balance our balance and to invest even more intensively in the youth department and in the infrastructure in the future. There will certainly be no hara-kiri actions under the current leadership.
It was originally planned that Unterhaching would establish itself in the 2nd Bundesliga in 2025. Now in 2025, the promotion to the 3rd division was to succeed. How did the shareholders react to this development?
I can only compliment our shareholders, members and sponsors for continuing to trust us for the future, despite the relegation. The stable stock price fully supports this thesis.
With Maurice Krattenmacher developed the next jewel in Unterhaching. Do you think he’s capable of a career similar to Adeyemis’?
Maurice has become the top scorer in the U17 Bundesliga with 23 goals and that as an offensive midfielder. He is nominated for the upcoming U17 European Championships in Israel and thus follows in Karim’s great footsteps. He is just an extraordinary talent and a very humble and down to earth personality. He therefore has all the prerequisites for a great career.
There is great praise for coach Sandro Wagner. Is he a hit for the club?
Sandro is an absolute stroke of luck for our association and a totally emphatic person. In a few years, he will be at the top of the coaching career’s ladder, and his name will always be associated with the Hachinger way. A win-win situation in the truest sense of the word.

The interview was conducted by Nico-Marius Schmitz.

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