Why family and work are more important to Florian Pieper than professional football

Florian Pieper wants to go home: “I’ve been away from home for a long time and I feel a certain melancholy.” He has played for the regional football club FC 05 Schweinfurt since July 2017 and asked to have his contract terminated at the end of the season. On Saturday (14.00, Sachs Stadium) he will perform in a home game for the penultimate time against the designated champions SpVgg Bayreuth. Two weeks later, the chapter ends where Pieper’s career began nine years ago after switching from Frankfurt’s FSV youth team – with Viktoria Aschaffenburg. At the age of just 28, the striker draws the line during his professional career, wants to focus on family and work – and only play football for fun.

“Just stand on the field with cool guys and then drink a beer, whether you have won or lost” – maybe in the Hessen League. Concerned about the feel-good climate, Pieper says he is “a player who plays best when he trusts the team 100 percent”. In the future, it should be less about “nutrition, fitness, bonus points and money” and more about a job as the foundation of life: He begins to educate himself in the finance and insurance industry.

And that much closer to the hometown of Dieburg, located in the triangle Darmstadt-Aschaffenburg-Frankfurt. “My parents, grandparents and friends live there. My sister has become a mother, it’s nice to see what I can imagine up close.” Pieper is still single – also because he has submitted to a lot of competitive football. “You lose a lot of time there. An example: my nephew was baptized, we had a game, I could not go there. It drains.”

Thoughts from the Corona period: Football no longer gives the kick

FC 05, for whom he has scored seven times this season, was disappointed with the decision but put no obstacles in his way. “I’m infinitely grateful for that. I just would not have been happy anymore.” As a football player, you have more time to think between training sessions than conventional professionals. The thought froze: “Football did not kick me as it used to.” The Corona period did the rest: “It was nice to see what it’s like to be with the family.” Then came the non-promotion due to the lost relegation against TSV Havelse.

And a season where Schweinfurt missed all goals and recently showed signs of dissolution. “We missed it as a team, to become a team, to swear to each other.” After 2: 2 at the bottom and relegated Rosenheim, Pieper said: “It was the last time, it’s no longer fun.” Barely a week later, he puts it in perspective: “It was my last long drive with FC 05”, so the memories popped up: “In the five years I’ve been here, we’ve shown so many different faces at home and away. I have not been seen in any other club. “

Cruciate ligament rupture, bacterial infection and femoral fracture

His body will be happy to hear that he wants to step down in the future. Pieper came to Schweinfurt after a serious injury (cruciate ligament rupture with bacterial infection) from the time at TSV 1860 Munich II and a year break. “I was grateful that FC 05 gave me the opportunity.” That it never succeeded in the third division does not create any melancholy: “You have to see my injuries, I also had a broken thigh. So I am proud of what I have achieved. Friendships have continued. And highlights like the DFB Cup matches against Frankfurt and Schalke. ” Or the BFV Cup quarter-finals in 2017 against Unterhaching (2-1) with two Pieper goals in the final phase. Or in 2019 his four goals in 4: 3 against Rosenheim – after a 0: 3 deficit.

Such a 4: 3 on Saturday would be consistent with the importance of Schweinfurt. Coach Jan Gernlein expects “we put our heart back on the field against Bayreuth”, but also warns: “Bayreuth is full of juice and really wants to get up.” FC 05 had won the last three matches against Oberfranken (including the 3-0 victory in the first match) “because we were always well prepared for the place they would offer us”. All in all, the probability – even if Bennet Schmidt, who is back in goal this time, may not like to hear it – is greater that it will be an “offensive spectacle than 0-0, 1-0 or 1-1 . “

Speculation about Martin Thomann and Meris Skenderovic

In terms of staff, it gets pretty tight about third place in the table, as it was recently, although Lukas Billick returns after his yellow card expulsion. The long-term injured Martin Thomann, Vitus Scheithauer and Emir Bas Kickers newcomer Thomas Haas will not play. At training, nine players had been missing at times. There are speculations about Thomann, who is rumored to be switching to Kickers, and striker Meris Skenderovic – Munich’s media reports an agreement with TSV 1860 Munich, which was already interested this winter.

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