The next thanks! Rose continues to throw at the youngsters

Updated on 05/06/2022 10:07

  • Marco Rose sends a couple of his youngsters back to the A-youth for a good reason and instead brings the next candidates into the squad.
  • The BVB coach continues his “test strategy” in the last sprint of the season.

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A few things have already changed at Borussia Dortmund this season, the press conferences for the team matches are definitely one of them. With Lucien Favre on the podium, it was always difficult, if not impossible, to figure out specific things. Apparently, the Swiss had little desire to share his thoughts with the public and could or did not want to answer even harmless questions.

Marco Rose acts much more openly and offensively. Although Rose had enough critical questions to answer this season, the coach never shied away from his responsibilities, but at least tried to find another solution: quite diplomatic, but often so rigorous and clear in the analysis that few questions remained.

On Thursday (May 5), Rose held the penultimate match day press conference of the season and gave those interested enough information about Dortmund’s last away match against Greuther Fürth and beyond. As always, it was about the personal situation of the team, about failures and prevented players and those who are suitable for the squad.

A youth is fighting for the championship in the derby

After Jamie Bynoe-Gittens in particular came into focus with his fresh and carefree form in 3: 4 against Bochum, many BVB fans probably hoped that the 17-year-old would play again. Or a second chance for Tom Rothe, Lion Semic would also be a candidate in a few minutes. The boys push into the squad or start-11 in the final stages of the season. Recently, Rose also deliberately chose the approach of an expanded casting to explore a few options for the upcoming season.

In Fürth, where BVB can finally secure second place with a victory, the teenagers are not there. This has no performance reasons, and Rose would suddenly not get cold feet. But: The A-youth should actually play on “their” team again this weekend.

“We decided to return the U-19 boys to the U-19s because they are still fighting for the German championship so we can crown the season together as a group,” Rose said. “We would have liked to have had them with us. But if the development continues like this, they will play a few more Bundesliga matches in BVB.”

Rose’s casting continues anyway

Instead, two attacking players from the U23s will move up, as Rose made clear: Immanuel Pherai and Justin Njinmah took part in the preparations for this week’s Fürth match. Pherai is an offensive midfielder who always finds creative, surprising solutions. Njinmah a striker who came to Borussia from Werder Bremen’s second team before the season and can spin in the middle or on the wings.

So the coach sticks to the last few weeks’ line and gradually throws the boys into the deep end. In addition to the impressions from the training sessions with the youngsters and the exchange with the coaches for U19 and U23, Rose will also practice emergencies with the young players. Although this does not create a broad basis for the expected (short) assignments, it gives the teacher some comparative values ​​and also a sense of who seems suitable for the upcoming assignments and who does not.

Marco Rose: “We need more focus”

For Rose, it stressed again in his remarks on Thursday: There can be no more “business as usual”, in the coming season the coach wants to tighten the reins noticeably. “Basically, we need to be more focused in everything we do: in the daily processes, in the medical department, in the organization, in the communication structures and above all on the field in the daily training,” Rose said. “Only if you are on the border and sharp there, are you also in the game”.

The coach wants to have players, “who carry it into the team.” And he does not absolve himself of responsibility. “For me, it’s about uncompromising demands. We have to learn, tackle it, work on it and develop sustainability. The basic mood around us is more than capable of getting better. We have to act!

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