The first training in Miami is now live!


FT1: Leclerc strikes back

1: 31.098 for the monegasker who regained the lead just before the end of the session. Was that all? Or do we still see a 1:30 time here in FT1? The last few minutes are running.

Incidentally, it does not look so good for the German drivers at the moment. Vettel and Schumacher are on P13 and P19.


FT1: last phase

During the last 10 minutes, Verstappen clearly moved up to P1 on the soft tires with a 1: 31.350. Let’s see what the others have up their sleeve. In any case, Sainz nothing in the beginning, he has turned …

21.14 kl

FT1: Let’s go!

The alpha has been taken away and the route has reopened. The drivers now have 16 minutes left – apart from Bottas, we will of course not see him again in FT1 after his departure.

This weekend, by the way, Pirelli chose the three middle connections (C2 to C4). So you do not have the hardest and softest tire mix on offer.


FT1: Vettel protests

We use the interruption to look at a small protest from Vettel. He reacted to the latest FIA bans – and simply wore his underpants over his racing suit!

Funny action, but Ralf Schumacher says on ‘Sky’: “I think the whole thing is a bit childish. […] It’s about safety. “He also has a tip for Vettel if he does not want to do without his underpants.

“Back then, I got my boxer shorts made in refractory. I sent them to the manufacturer we had there, and they made them for me, and that was fine,” Schumacher says.


FT1: Temperature problems

Verstappen would like to run a few more laps. But he has to pit because his car is overheated. Of course, the high temperatures here are not just a problem for the tires. Let’s keep an eye out.

Meanwhile, Sainz pushes ahead of Leclerc: 1: 32.443 for the new leader. Norris moves up to P3. Correction in the meantime from the race management: The warning was to Vettel, not to Stroll.


FT1: Warning for walking

We also talked about the pit entrance earlier. Stroll has just received a warning for crossing the line there. Here, too, motorists test themselves to the limit.

Leclerc continues to lead ahead of Sainz, he has now reduced the best time to 1: 32.555. Of course, we do not have comparable values. So far, everything is still very close to the front – and Mercedes is also with.


FT1: Lucky for Mick

It almost broke! Ricciardo braked on straight and Schumacher almost crashed into his back. It was close! The Commissioners will look at this again after the meeting.

Incidentally, the Ferraris are right ahead after the first minutes: Leclerc leads with 1: 32.949 ahead of Sainz and Verstappen.

20.41 kl

FT1: New engines

Most notably, Ferrari made changes this weekend: Leclerc, Magnussen, Schumacher, Bottas and Zhou all got their second engine this year.

Gasly has already got his third engine with the Red Bull teams and has thus already reached the maximum allowed on the fifth weekend of the season.

By the way, here’s the Russell Ocon scene again:

20.38 kl

FT1: If you’re wondering …

… why the asphalt in some places looks a little strange: It has to do with the fact that it had to be refurbished before the first training! More details are available here.

Meanwhile, Leclerc has already turned around and Verstappen has kissed the wall. Other drivers were already off the track. Have a good start here!

20.34 kl

FT1: Everyone on the field

It rarely goes that fast! It took about three minutes for all 20 drivers to be on the track for the first time. Of course no one knows the route, everyone now wants to collect as much data as possible.

And we can already now prepare for a first punishment. Alpine sent Ocon out into the pit right in front of Russell. May impose a fine for an unsafe release.


special helmet

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at Albon’s special helmet designs this weekend. We will soon get all drivers through …


FT1: Open the session sticker now!

It’s starting with FT1 and you know the game: Here at this point there is only the most important information, pictures and voices for the next 60 minutes. You can get the complete coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen.

It’s best to just let both tickers run in parallel so you do not miss anything! Just before start, the current conditions in Miami: The air temperature is crisp 33.2 degrees, the asphalt is even 52.2 degrees hot!

This is actually the hottest weekend of the year so far.



We talked briefly about the weekend’s updates before. As a reminder, Mercedes brought a new front, rear and beam wing to Miami, Aston Martin brought no new parts.

And what about the other teams? While Ferrari also has a new rear wing, Red Bull is unchanged. There are also no updates for AlphaTauri. At McLaren, work was done on the front suspension and undercarriage.

Alpine has changed the rear brake drum, Haas also has another rear wing, and Williams and Alfa Romeo have changed the configuration of the cooling holes.

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Miami Grand Prix 2022


Hamilton: Coming back stronger

Less than 30 minutes to the start of FT1 and we are back on time as promised. Before we go on the field, we would like to hear what Hamilton has to say about the statements made by Helmut Marko and Co.

He told Sky: “People love you when you’re up. And when you’re down, they love to kick you. It’s a part of life.” For him, however, this is only an additional motivation.

“I’ll come back stronger. We’ll come back stronger as a team,” said Hamilton, who stressed that he had experienced much more difficult times in his career. Giving up is not an option.

Let’s see how Mercedes starts the weekend.

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