Stoker gym relies on smart access

Stoker gym relies on smart access

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Prior to the installation of Paxton10, Stoker Fitness members could only use the facilities during normal business hours when staff were present in the building.

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May 6, 2022

Smart credentials provide easy 24-hour access to student gymnastics in Rotterdam.

Thorbecke College in Rotterdam offers first-class tuition to sports students, including an in-house fitness center from Stoker Fitness. It was set up 17 years ago after the opening of several smaller gyms in the center of Rotterdam. The owners, Willem-Jan Stoker and his brother, have had a passion for sports and fitness since they were young. Her father, Jan-Willem Stoker, founded one of the very first fitness clubs in the Netherlands in 1971.

The gymnastics industry is changing and the current trend is for members to train flexibly at their own discretion. This means that fitness centers are expected to be open 24/7 and must have a safety system in place that monitors and protects the facility and equipment without the presence of gym staff. This is how it should be at Stoker Fitness.

Gym updated security system

To update the security system, Stoker Fitness hired Ricor Security. The company stands for quality and excellent service with a forward-looking approach to technical development. According to Willem-Jan Stoker, overseeing the gym outside normal business hours when no employees are present was the biggest challenge: “If you want to open your business to members without being physically present, safety precautions must be taken.” requirement was to give members access via their smartphones. At that time, such a solution was not available on the market. “With the help of Ricor Security, we sought a solution that would allow Stoker Fitness members to easily enter the gym without requiring our staff to be present.”

Smart solution when it comes to access

When Paxton10 was launched in the Netherlands in July 2020, Ricor Security took the opportunity to provide a suitable system for Stoker Fitness’ requirements. Paxton10 combines the next generation of access control and video management in one system. It represents an easy-to-manage and extremely user-friendly platform that does not require key tags or traditional keys. The modern and smart software in the combined system, which provides access via smart devices and the possibility of remote monitoring of websites, was the ideal choice.

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Lorenzo van Emmerik, video system expert at Ricor Security, explains: “With Paxton10, we were able to offer simple access control combined with mobile access via the Paxton Key app. With the Paxton Key app, available for iOS and Android, Stoker Fitness members can open controlled entrances to the gym with their smartphone or smartwatch. “

Access data is created web-based in a matter of seconds

The intelligent credentials are generated in seconds using the web-based Paxton10 software and emails to a new user directly from the system. In addition, gym members engage and disconnect the burglar alarm system upon boarding and alighting. This secures the premises when no one is present, but minimizes the risk of false alarms when the gym is in use. This is achieved through the use of the Paxton10 Alarm Connector and the Trigger & Actions function, which automatically switches the alarm on or off when a user presents a valid smart ID.

Comfort and safety combined

The main advantage of the new system is that members now have 24/7 access to the gym, while allowing operators to maintain the required level of security for the venue. Stoker Fitness hopes this will minimize peak times, ensure a consistent flow of members throughout the day and allow for a wider range of sports at different times due to the more flexible use of space.

“The new Paxton10 system significantly enhances the user experience. Our members are now more confident in exercising, as they have access to the facilities when supervision is not present. This removes one of the obstacles that keeps some members from exercising and provides a much calmer environment, ”says Willem-Jan Stoker.

The Paxton10 system is easy to use and can be managed remotely, eliminating the need for site administrators to be on site to create users or manage system updates.

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