Sparkasse fitness sevens match of schools after a two-year Corona break a complete success – news from Leipzig

Whether it’s on the rogometer, in arm bends or in jump ropes – the strongest school in Leipzig and the surrounding area was applied for the seventh time at Sparkasse fitness sevens on Wednesday. 14 schools with over 330 children and young people followed the invitation from SC DHfK Leipzig and the State Office for Schools and Education to Brüderhalle. The title of the most sporty school was undisputedly won by Wiederitzsch High School for the seventh time in a row.

Loud cheers on the rogometer, cheers high fives on the slalom run. What a lovely, busy bustle in the Brüderhalle yesterday! After a two-year Corona break, 14 schools were finally able to compete again in the Sparkasse fitness sevens match, organized by SC DHfK Leipzig and the State Office for Schools and Education. The joy of the return of the popular competition was clearly evident in the more than 330 students in 5th to 10th grade and their teachers.

“It was great to finally experience a packed hall again and to see how much fun and emotion the students had,” said organizer Steffen Matthes from SC DHfK Leipzig. “Thank you to all the sponsors, above all Sparkasse Leipzig as the official title sponsor, AOK Plus and Leipzig Police College, who supported the event with 40 judges. Without them, Sparkasse fitness sevens would not have been possible. ”

In the search for the strongest school – as was also evident after the two-year breaks – there is no way around the Oberschule Wiederitzsch in Leipzig and the surrounding area. The students around the sports teacher couple Anett and Jens Roßberg proved it again in an impressive way. With a lead of more than 1,300 points, they won more than clearly ahead of Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium and Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium Rahn Education, which took third place immediately when it participated for the first time.

The success of Wiederitz is no coincidence: Throughout the school year, students have prepared for the Sparkasse fitness sevens match, where they train once a week in a specially set up fitness club.

Not only teacher Jens Roßberg was happy that they could finally compete with other schools again: “The students really missed this competition. They kept telling us when it would finally start again. The team spirit from 5th to 10th grade is simply brilliant in this competition. So everyone could top their training performance today. But I never thought we would win so clearly. “

Sports teacher Heike Becker from Immanuel-Kant-Gymnasium had a smile on her face – her school came closest to the league champion from Wiederitzsch this year: “Sparkasse fitness sevens is simply a wonderful and entertaining competition, where a large There is a feeling among the students grade level, and they all cheer on each other. ”

The teacher was more than happy with the placement: “We are very, very proud that we have become number two for the third time,” Becker says. Will you be able to source the seemingly overwhelming Wiederitzscher a little bit next time? “We want to reduce the deficit to less than 1000 points again. For example, we want to practice a little on the roergometer beforehand, ”Becker gives a small view.

Musikalisch-Sportliches Gymnasium Rahn Education also has good chances at the next edition, which jumped straight to the podium with third place in its first participation this year. Student Elena Günther, athlete at SC DHfK, won the individual rankings for girls in 9th grade and was excited about the premiere: “It was a really cool atmosphere – today and also in the run-up to our preparation with the younger ones. years. We were hoping for a place in the top 3. It is of course great that it went like this right away. ” And who knows: maybe next year we can, after all, attack all the way to the top.

Disciplines in the schools’ Sparkasse fitness sevens match:

Roergometer, rope jump, arm bends, sit-ups, last long jump, medicine ball throw, slalom

The results of “7. Sparkasse fitness syvkamp for schools”:

1. Gymnasium i Wiederitzsch

2. Immanuel Kant Gymnasium Leipzig

3. Rahn Education Leipzig – Music and Sports High School

4. Heinrich Pestalozzi School in Leipzig

5. Max Klinger Folk High School

6. Markkleeberg Folk High School

7. Molkau high school

8. Apollonia von Wiedebach Højskole

9. Naunhof Folk High School

10. Paul Robeson High School

11. 68. Leipzig University College

12. Rahn Education Leipzig – Fri Gymnasium

13. Markranstadt Gymnasium

14. Erasmus Schmidt Højskole Delitzsch

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