Mats Hummels’ defender Boris Becker: “You do not do anything yourself anymore”

Mats Hummels shows understanding for tennis legend Boris Becker.Photo: SVEN SIMON / Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

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That tennis legend Boris Becker is now in jail does not leave his former companions cold. His partner, ex-wife and children have already expressed their tears over the harsh judgment of the British judge. The tennis world was also concerned and assured that it would stand behind Boris Becker.

Now the brothers Mats and Jonas Hummels also show their emotional side in their podcast “Alone is difficult” and tell about the difficult time that the tennis star has to go through now. They condemn malicious comments on the web.

The sports world is most shocked: “It’s a shame”

Boris Becker has been sitting behind bars for a week. On Friday, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison by a court in London. the tennis legend should probably serve at least half.

Becker was convicted a week ago.

Becker was convicted a week ago. Photo: AA / Wiktor Szymanowicz

That he is actually behind bars for various bankruptcy crimes still occupies the sports world a week after his verdict. While Becker is currently being held in London’s Wandsworth Prison, footballer Mats Hummels and his brother, football expert Jonas Hummels, are talking about it in their sports podcast. Mats says there: “It is very unfortunate that there is a situation where it is a possible possibility that also comes into force”.

His brother Jonas agrees with him on this point and expresses his sympathy: “It affected me a lot. I was really sad. We’ve celebrated him often enough in the podcast. Sure, he’s rightly convicted, but the sad thing is, it’s coming to this. “It was a point that particularly affected him.

Mats and Jonas Hummels are busy with the Becker case.

Mats and Jonas Hummels are busy with the Becker case.Photo: dpa / Roland Weihrauch

Too much hate online? The Hummels brothers analyze ugly comments

He was particularly influenced by the many malicious comments on social networks. By comparable judgments, one has at least experienced shared camps on the Internet. Some have always recalled that he “brought them so much joy,” and he misses that in the case of Boris Becker. He may be referring to the verdict of the then chairman of the board of FC Bayern, Uli Hoeneß. He was originally sentenced to three and a half years in March 2014, but eventually had to spend only nine months in the jail.

Mats Hummels partially contradicts his brother. He tries to classify the ugly comments about Becker online differently: “I think there are a lot of people who do not feel that way. Reasonable people like us will find it a shame. They do not register under a pseudonym and Enter. ” He believes that there are only a few who actually write bad things about the tennis legend. There are “so few who get too much relevance”. And: “They emphasize their own importance too much. And we obviously do too,” says Mats Hummels.

Boris Becker gave up too much responsibility

Looking back on Boris Becker’s life, the two talk about how he handles money. This has probably ended up being his regret in court. This raises the question of whether Becker’s behavior was possibly naive. Jonas Hummels has a clear opinion on this:

“Maybe naivety is the wrong word. But he said he hadn’t had any cash for years, hadn’t withdrawn any cash … In the spheres he moves in, it sometimes seems a little infantile.”

Mats shows more gentleness for this. At a level where Boris was, it was understandable to some degree: “If you want, everything is taken from you. If you want, you do not do anything yourself anymore. I think it may happen that you lose your ‘hand’ for such a thing. It is not the first athlete, similar. things happen. ”

As dark as this time may be for Boris Becker, he can look back on many successful years.

As dark as this time may be for Boris Becker, he can look back on many successful years.Photo: SVEN SIMON / FrankHoermann / SVEN SIMON

“We will be happy if he follows us again in tennis”

In fact, Becker is not the only one convicted of bankruptcy. The British ex-football professional Rio Ferdinand, for example, told, as Jonas mentions, openly in his biography about how he lost touch with everyday life after the death of his wife. Without her support, he was overwhelmed and even “unfit for life”. He later slipped into an alcohol addiction.

It is clear that Boris Becker was acting negligently. His conviction is not based on trifles. The understanding for the tennis star is still great. The Hummels brothers also wish the imprisoned Boris Becker that he survives his stay in prison well. And, they agree: Becker is an “uncrowned sports expert” and will now be greatly missed. “From a purely sporting point of view: We will be happy if he joins us again in tennis,” says Mats Hummels.


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