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Left to right: Lena, Noella, Lieselotte, Anne-Lou and their mother Martina in their sportswear Photo: ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat

A sporty episode comes with the 14th week of the “GNTM” camp: playing tennis, running sprints, impressing Thomas Hayo – but all too often the models forget that it’s not about becoming “Germany’s next top athlete”.

The topic of the 14th episode of “Germany’s next top model” (Thursday at 20.15, ProSieben): Sports! On the tennis court and the running track, the women have to show what they can do. However, not too much, for sporting ambitions do not look good.

Like all current episodes, the 14th begins with a casting. And as always, the survivors who did not receive an invitation do not necessarily wish their competitors good luck. Martina (40) also admits that she does not cross her fingers for Lieselotte (66): “Because it would push me a lot more. We are only two best players left in the top 8.” Noëlla gets the job anyway – again! With its relaxed and authentic nature, the Congolese has now cleared more jobs than anyone else.

“Ungrateful and disrespectful”

Lieselotte sees it a little differently: In her opinion, she did not get the job because, as a 66-year-old, she could not present herself authentically in front of a graffiti wall. “Of course it does not fit,” she is convinced. Martina looks at it differently, the quarrel between the two in the kitchen escalates quickly. Martina is shocked by Lieselotte’s lack of ambition: “I find that ungrateful and disrespectful.” Lieselotte is shocked by Martina’s claims: “I think that’s really naughty.”

Guest judge Thomas Hajo (53) is shocked that none of the models have ever been on the tennis court. This is where the women next time will have to pose in high fashion dresses – and actually play tennis. Hayo is clearly enjoying his role as a tennis coach. Looking at the pictures, he is not as enthusiastic about anything as Vivien’s (22) forehand.

Noëlla becomes the clear favorite

Photographer Max Montgomery, on the other hand, is very enthusiastic about Noëlla. He showered her with compliments after her admission – she was “incredible”, “mentally retarded” and the best candidate he had ever shot on “GNTM”. He also gives the compliments with goosebumps and “Pippi in the eyes,” as Thomas Hayo later notes. Three jobs and the biggest support – it looks like Noëlla would appear as the clear favorite of the season. “It’s amazing,” the other girls said when they heard about it. “You can go straight to the finals with it.”

Of course, the others also want to – whereby the lightness is lost. Martina forgets the most important thing about her sporting ambitions to hit every ball: “Your model face!” screams Heidi Klum (48) from the sidelines. But Martina can not choose between athletic performance and beautiful poses. She wants both, and ambitions ruin the game for her. Lena (21) has a similar problem. She is so focused on the hit with the bat that Heidi grumbles in a turn: “Face, face, face!”

Sportingly, it continues. This time, the elimination walk becomes a literal trajectory. In a stadium, the models must compete against each other in a duel – on the field. First they have to do a 100 meter sprint and then directly out on the catwalk, of course as cool as possible and without breathing. Noilla’s soaring does not stop here either, her sporty, relaxed last pose in squat gives Hayo more compliments.

To win does not mean to win

The opposite of that: Martina. She wins the sprint, but is too tense on the catwalk. “You have to keep some looseness,” Hayo said. “It’s such small nuances,” Heidi Klum tries to explain. Daughter Lou-Anne (19) does what is always criticized by her mother: “The walk looked really cool,” praises Heidi. “Cool and laid back.”

Because she still can not win the race, Lieselotte prefers to jog gracefully over the 100-meter track. For her looks, she gets a special compliment from Heidi: “You look so young. And by that I mean the feeling. This esprit, this freshness – what you always want. Being young is right inside you, even if you are 80 is, 90 is. “

In the end, Luca (20), Lena and Martina shake before being thrown out. “A little too serious,” Lena has to listen to her face over and over again – and for the last time. The little curvy model with big ambitions and a beautiful face is going home. “You inspired us all, Lena,” Klum gives her along the way.

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