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District league liberals, disco bouncers and a DJ: the Frankfurt team delivers impressive stories this season. Here comes the ultimate praise for the 15 Europa League heroes from Main.

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The complete Eintracht PK after the match against West Ham

Oliver Glasner

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Eintracht Frankfurt are sensational in the final after beating West Ham 1-0 in the second match of the Europa League. The team grew in the competition with each round and brings back memories of the last German winner of the competition, Schalke “Eurofighter” in 1997. The 15 players used on Thursday have already written their own stories this season:

Kevin Trap: In fact, the Eintracht should also carry a gift basket across the street for Otto-Fleck-Schneise to Hansi Flick’s attention. When the national coach in the late autumn failed to appoint Eintracht’s goalkeeper, he possibly spurred Trapp on the form of his life. Starting with the world-class performance in Munich and the gala performance in Barcelona for the second match against West Ham – the former national team goalkeeper Uli Stein currently believes that Trapp is even better than Manuel Neuer. And if anyone knows how to confidently respond to relegations in goals for the national team, then it’s Stein.

tuta: It is very possible that the word security will have a different meaning for the Brazilian and that his age will be checked again. Because according to the ID, Tuta is only 22 years old, but already plays like an old hand. In London, for example, he forgot about Evan N’Dicka’s failure and Martin Hinteregger’s failure in the return match. Tuta organized the chain as a hardened, 35-year-old libero oldie with an ordinary district league kick and should logically have shouted in between Thursday: “Raaaaauuus, men”, “He has only n ‘left” and “We all have until tomorrow for to work again “.

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Choreo, space storm, party: The photo gallery from the Eintracht final

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Evan N’Dicka: One of the best players not only Thursday, but the entire season. In Piraeus he started the decisive goal in the socks, against West Ham he always had a foot between them. Englishmen were only uncompromisingly cleared away by disco-throwers in Magaluf.

Martin Hinteregger / Almamy Toure: The Austrian had to leave the pitch early with a hamstring injury. Touré showed some wobbly “out of the cold”, but fit like in London perfectly into the defensive network. A special story: Touré learned how the English lad Joe Bryant builds the forest stadium of Lego and invited him personally to the match in London. Bryant announced, “When I finish the stadium, there will be a great gift for my friend Almamy.”

Sebastian Rode: Actually, Rode had already admitted that he could no longer reach his full fitness level this season. However, the veteran presented himself flawlessly and was so impressive in the positional game in London that Glasner let him play again for Kristijan Jakic. Before the final whistle, the replaced Rode ran to the fans to prevent them from storming the pitch prematurely. And he even mastered what was probably the most difficult task.

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Red card, goal, celebration – the highlights of the Eintracht victory to listen to

Eintracht West Ham

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Jibril Sov: 97.6 percent – what sounds like election results from the history of the GDR is actually Djibril Sow’s passing precision in the second match against West Ham. So was again “Spiritus Rector” in Eintracht’s game, just a few weeks after his internal ligament strain. To put it with a tribute from Liverpool fans to the other “pass machine” Thiago: Sow would have impressed Shania Twain (“It does not impress me much”).

Ansgar Knauff: For a very long time, the groundsman at Frankfurt’s Waldstadion would not have had to mow Eintracht’s right offensive pitch. All attacks went over the left wing and Filip Kostic until board member Markus Krösche Knauff loaned from BVB. He had played against Viktoria Köln or SC Verl in the other Dortmund team this winter. Now he has scored against West Ham and Barcelona. And Frankfurt is now actually attacking on both sides – with the “bank tongs”.

Philip Kostic: Kostic wanted to go on strike last summer and did not travel to the match in Bielefeld. The big question was: Will Frankfurt get the Serbs, who are willing to switch, back on track? They got it – which was both a great achievement from coach Oliver Glasner and of course from Kostic himself. The point of the strike: Kostic would win titles elsewhere and play in the Champions League; He can now do both with Eintracht.

Eintracht Frankfurt cheers for fans

Jens Petter Hauge: After Jesper Lindstrom’s absence, the replacement form Hauge caused great concern in the prelude. The Norwegian had presented himself as weak at recent appearances in London and Leverkusen. So far, Hauge has tried as hard as countless journalists to pronounce his last name correctly, but without success. On Thursday, however, he ran and trudged, forced the visitors to be sent off with his start and even threw in some locker pieces with a heel trick. Because he saved his best performance for the semifinals, he could become a testimony in Germany when it comes to energy efficiency.

Daichi Kamada: 30 matches in the Bundesliga, four goals. Twelve matches in the Europa League, five goals. Probably no one symbolizes the metamorphosis of this team in international games as much as the Japanese. As Felix Magath once put it: “It was European world class.”

Rafael Borre: The Colombian is a striker by job description, but has often served as a first defender this season. With all that running and straining, he naturally lost his composure at the finish line at some point. But he already scored crucial goals in Barcelona and now against West Ham – defensively he wore himself out in a well-known way. He kept West Ham’s giant Michail Antonio in check as the opponents took a corner kick. And could have qualified for arm wrestling with Ralf Møller.

The substitutes: Kristijan Jakic threw himself into the fight in his familiar way with all available body parts, Goncalo Paciencia had a great chance a few seconds after being substituted, later leading the jubilant polonaise as DJ, and Ajdin Hrustic brought the final over the finish line. Timothy Chandler did not play, but saw a yellow card and was simply carried into the night on the shoulders of the fans during the TV interview. That was the right image for the Frankfurt Europa League season.

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