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Despite winter temperatures and English weeks, all players at Eintracht are operational. Coach Oliver Glasner explains his team’s good fitness level and quotes Angela Merkel.

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Eintracht before ghost fight in Hoffenheim

Ghost fight in Hoffenheim.

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Oliver Glasner can tell entertaining and anecdotal stories. And because his mood was nevertheless informed by the fact that all the players are involved in the match in Hoffenheim, he delivered several anecdotes at the press conference. It was about Angela Merkel, stock quotes, yoga and the teeth of young children.

Frankfurt’s head coach urged the outgoing chancellor to explain his team’s last three victories in a row. Merkel said trust is the most important tool for successful work. “Self-confidence is our biggest lever,” said the Austrian. The Frankfurt coffin could be even wider when looking at the dazzling statistics against Hoffenheim.

Glasner: “Statistics are like stock prices”

But Glasner does not think much about it: “It’s like stock prices: the past does not provide much information about the future.” Looking at the statistics, Frankfurt should theoretically not have been taken to Munich after Eintracht had not scored anything there for years – only until this year’s 2-1 victory.

Above all, his team is doing well physically: Injury prevention is a key for the whole squad against Hoffenheim – regardless of the many “English weeks” and tough matches up to the last second. Glasner unabashedly passed on the praise to other coaches and the medical staff, but also revealed that Eintracht gave the players a questionnaire every day.

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Eintracht press conference before the match in Hoffenheim

Eintracht coach Oliver Glasner

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Players must complete well-being questionnaires

In it, the kickers must answer four questions about their state of mind or well-being with colors. Most recently, the feedback was often positive, ie with a green light. “We will then compare the players’ subjective feelings with our data.” The father of the family, Glasner, listed parameters that are very practical in everyday life and that can sometimes bother players. For example, parents may sleep restlessly when their young children get teeth. He knows this from his own experience. A red feedback is then displayed in a different light.

In addition to the questionnaire, Eintracht’s new offer on the subject of nutrition also seems to ensure more healthy players. The coach explained that Frankfurter’s flexibility should also be increased with yoga classes. And then the Frankfurt team – as they like to say in football German – travels to Hoffenheim with “full ballet”. According to the old motto “Never change a winning team”, there is something to suggest that Glasner could choose the same starting lineup for the fourth game in a row.

“Hoffenheim has many weapons”

If one is to believe the coach, every man on Saturday will be needed. Glasner sees Hoffenheim as a team that “will definitely play for the Champions League places”. The team has different weapons in attack: robustness, speed and game intelligence. But it’s always good for a goal. The foundation for an offensive spectacle has been laid, but it will certainly take place without a spectator. Hoffenheim announced on Friday that the new political decisions left no other choice.

Eintracht’s coach regretted the decision at the press conference: “The spectators are the icing on the cake. I extinguished the last ghost match in Leipzig because there was no mood.” He declined to comment explicitly on corona politics in Germany, but said unequivocally: “I have a lot inside me that I do not agree with.” And that was the only point where the cheerful Glasner was actually curant.

The expected lineup.
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