Double match day in the arena at Ostbahnhof: Alba women make promotion perfect

Double match day in the arena at Ostbahnhof

Alba women make promotion perfect

Fri 15.04.22 | 20:08 | Of Luke Witte

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Alba Berlin will be Germany’s only basketball club with two top division teams next season. On the basis of the Arena am Ostbahnhof, the Alba women managed to move up to the 1st Bundesliga. Shortly after, the men also had success in the same place.

The women’s team from Alba Berlin has made the promotion to the 1st women’s basketball league perfect. After a victory of 84:70 in the first match of the relegation against Rhein-Main Baskets from Langen, the Berliners now clearly won in the second match with 99:71 and ensured a relaxed atmosphere and great joy among 2,200 spectators in the arena at. Ostbahnhof. Best pitcher at Alba was Stefanie Grigoleit with 17 points.

Strong performance in front of a bubbling audience

With a comfortable lead from the first leg behind them, the Alba women started the game safely and with a decent offensive force. The Berliners scored 26 points in the first quarter. On the defensive side, however, they were unfocused and let the opponents from Langen score many easy and fast curves. Coach Cristo Cabrera’s team was able to remedy these problems in the defense in the second round and confidently extended the lead to over ten points. Lucy Reuss in particular cheered in the well-stocked arena at the Ostbahnhof with two three-point shots far behind the line.

In the second half, the Alba women then controlled the game safely and scored at will. They continued to increase their lead and hardly allowed the Rhein-Main Basket’s easy roads to the basket. When the Hessian opponents got closer again, Alba always found the right answers and went into the last part of the match with a clear 29-point lead to big applause.

First promotion since the women’s department was established

Carried by the good mood, the Berliners were unstoppable in the last quarter. With standing ovations, they played against promotion and left nothing to chance. In the end, they even had the chance to break the magic hundred points, but missed the decisive free throw. But it probably did not bother anyone anymore, because shortly after, the last siren sounded and the first promotion since the Alba women’s department was founded was perfect. The Berliner Basketball-Verein is the only club in Germany that has two first division teams.

Next week, the final of the 2nd Bundesliga championship is still waiting for the Berliners. Then they have the chance to reward themselves with their first title of their successful season. The opponents in the final have not yet been determined.

Alba men rejoice in their own place

After the celebrating women left the floor, the albatross men’s team also had success just a few hours later in the arena at the Ostbahnhof. The Berliners won their Bundesliga match against their direct competitor in the table, Ulm, with 78:73 (43:42) and thus continued to overtake the leading group.

After beating Oldenburg, Alba went into the match with confidence and quickly built up a small lead. Not once did they let the visitors take the lead in the first half and in the middle of the second quarter they were 20 points ahead of Ulm. However, the Baden-Württembergers showed fighting spirit and worked their way up again shortly before the break with a 14-0 run.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Ulm even took the lead for a short time, before Alba then regained its old dominance and from then on safely controlled the game. The Berliners first and foremost benefited from their strong offensive rebound work and the visitors’ weak three-point quota. Although it got a little tighter in the end, Ulm did not really have a chance to get close again in a dangerous way. The best pitcher for Alba was Maodo Lo (15), who once again proved his strong form this season.

Already on Easter day, the men of the albatross are going back to work. On the 31st day of the game day, they meet for the table evening in Göttingen.

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