Asanas: Two yoga poses for a healthy liver

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Two yoga poses for a healthy liver

What is good for the liver?  And how can we keep them in shape and healthy?

What is good for the liver? And how can we keep them in shape and healthy?

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Our author is an actress (“Sturm der Liebe”, “Unter uns”) and completed a yoga teacher training in 2012. Today: Why the liver is so important and how we can keep it healthy and well.

Dhe liver. In the average adult, it weighs one and a half kilograms and is located below our right chest. Its area of ​​responsibility is enormous: it regulates sugar and fat metabolism, acts as a storage place for important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals and as a filter for harmful substances that we – consciously or unconsciously – put in our body.

And all these vital processes, of which there are about 497 others in addition to those already mentioned, can still be performed when only 30 per cent of its cells are intact.

What is good for our liver? And how can we keep her healthy and well so she can fight evil invaders with all her cells if possible?

Alcohol and sweets are harmful – coffee and tea are not

We all know that alcohol harms our liver, and so does excessive intake of sweets and animal fats. For these can change the cells of the liver in such a way that it develops into a fatty liver or – even worse – into liver cancer. Contrary to all prejudices, coffee and black tea are even said to have a liver-protecting effect. A balanced diet and regular exercise are other important parameters to protect the liver.

Since the liver is of enormous importance to our digestion, we can also support it with specific yoga exercises that have an effect on the digestive system.

In general, all asanas that ensure that the liver gets better blood supply through pressure and massage are good. In this way, the fixed toxins can be dissolved and transported away.

These two asanas will help you

Make the first asana on the crossed seat, for example with crossed legs. Lift your arms above your head so that your palms are facing. Now consciously pull your shoulders away from your ears. Place your palms together, but stay seated. Your elbows point outwards. Inhale and turn your head and arms to the right, exhale to the left as fast as you can.

This asana really boosts your metabolism and ensures that your liver gets plenty of fresh oxygen. Please hold out for three minutes, then you will feel the maximum effect afterwards.

The task of the liver is enormous.  It is the central metabolic organ

The task of the liver is enormous. It is the central metabolic organ

Source: Getty Images / Science Photo Library RF

The next asana is a little more relaxed. You stay seated on the mat, but stretch your legs out and stretch them as far as you can. As you inhale, lift your arms up to your sides and intertwine your fingers so that your palms point toward the ceiling. As you exhale, stretch across your side to your right leg. The gaze remains forward, as does the hip. The stretch only happens in the upper body.

In this position, your liver is wrung out like a sponge, causing toxins to dissolve. After holding the position for about eight breaths, return to the center at the next inhalation and stretch to the left side. Now your liver is completely stretched, which promotes the removal of the previously dissolved substances.

What makes a cherry pillow

After these two very intense asanas, get into a hip-width position with your arms hanging loosely next to your body. Now get in a slight pendulum motion so that your arms swing back and forth in front of your stomach and “knock” gently on your hands to the left and right under the ribs. If you notice an unknown jerk in the right side, this is a sign that your liver is functioning and that asanas are taking effect.

If you do not feel anything, it in no way means that asanas have no effect on you, but only that your liver is very healthy and few toxins need to be released and removed.

If you want to enhance the effect, you can put a warm compress or a cherry stone pillow under your right chest and make yourself comfortable on the sofa with a cup of tea. The heat maintains the stimulated blood circulation.

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