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The promotion race in the 2. Bundesliga starts next Friday in the crucial phase. Five clubs are still in the competition for the Bundesliga, but this number can be reduced to three clubs before the last match day. In addition to Hamburger SV, FC St. Pauli is also one of the potential strike candidates. If Kiezkicker did not win at the Veltins Arena at Schalke on Saturday night, it could have been the end of the promotion. The top match starts at 20.30, Sky broadcasts live.

A triangle in Gelsenkirchen could be almost impossible for guests from the north. For just before the most important match of the season, several players from the team were infected with the corona virus. It is currently unclear whether any of the affected players will be able to stand on the field on Saturday. Sports director Andreas Borneman does not want to stick his head in the sand, but rather make the seemingly impossible possible with a “now more than ever” attitude. “We will not melt into self-pity, we will put together a good, competitive team if possible,” the 50-year-old said in the run-up to the match.

Da St. Pauli still could not win any of their last five matches, will probably have to cope with several failures and have to play for one of the best formed teams in the league, the game’s signs quite clearly point to a home win for the Royal Blues. Our Schalke vs. St. Pauli’s tips will tell you if we’re convinced of this too and what else we think of this game.

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Schalke vs. St. Pauli BilledBet Odds & Betting

Due to the special starting situation, the hosts are swapped as the clear favorites of the bookmakers. If you want to bet on a home win at BildBet, you only get an odd of 1.44. An away win for the weakened Kiezkicker can be rewarded with 5.75 odds, and a draw is offered at 4.60 odds.

However, all new customers can take advantage of a very special quota at BildBet. If you are convinced that the miners will win at home, you could be rewarded with an unbeatable odds of 6.00 if you are successful! Alternatively, you can also secure the classic BildBet welcome bonus worth up to € 100 as a free bet. You can easily secure this by registering with BildBet via this link.

Schalke hold check

While the other promotion candidates stumbled a bit in the final sprint of the season, FC Schalke 04 has really turned up the heat in recent weeks. Aside from the recent 4-1 home defeat to Werder Bremen, the Royal Blues have won every single one of their last seven Bundesliga 2 matches. Simon Terodde & Co. scored proudly 18 goals during this period. With the victory at the last minute in SV Sandhausen, the Royal Blues have regained the lead in the table, which they had recently given up. After the late equalizer from Sandhausen’s Dennis Diekmeier (81 ‘), Simon Terodde scored the incredibly important victory goal for the miners with his second goal of the day in extra time.

Now the return to the Bundesliga is within reach. The fall to fourth place is in fact only mathematically possible given five points ahead of HSV, who are placed there. Still, the Royal Blues should not feel safe too soon, because with FC St. Pauli and 1. FC Nürnberg have the miners the hardest remaining program in front of the chest of all promotion candidates. In the first half of the season, the away game at St. Pauli lost 2-1, while the home game against Nuremberg was won 4-1. A win from both matches would probably be enough in the second half of the season to make the promotion to the Bundesliga perfect.

Schalke line-up

  • Port: Fraisl
  • Defensive: Vindheim, Itakura, Kaminski, Calhanoglu
  • Midfield: Churlinov, Flick, Latza, Bülter, Zalazar
  • Offense: Terodde

After Schalke had operated on a back tree for a long time, they have in recent weeks successfully switched to a back four. Apart from 1: 4 against Werder, they have won every single one of their last seven matches. The staff could remain unchanged from the week before. Only Dong-gyeong Lee (broken middle foot), who has been injured for a long time, is missing.

St. Pauli holdtjek

FC St. Pauli was long number one promotion favorite, but in the second half of the season Kiezkicker lost a lot and gradually played their relatively comfortable lead at the top of the table away. The North Germans are currently only in fifth place, three points behind second place, and in light of the numerous corona cases and the difficult away game in Gelsenkirchen ahead, the chances of promotion to the Bundesliga are not very good. But as already mentioned in the beginning, Schalke still will not hide. The current situation is “a huge opportunity for the team and for each one to send a big signal as a group,” said sports director Andreas Bornemann.

Looking more closely at the results of the second half of the season, it is noteworthy that St. Pauli – apart from a short phase in February / March – did not score at all as a promotion candidate. If you just cut the six matches between mid-February and mid-March, where St. Pauli could record four wins, from the season, Kiezkicker could not win any of the last ten league games. Both at the beginning and at the end of the second half of the season, Timo Schultz’s team had or still have big problems getting the necessary points for promotion. If there is not a small miracle in Veltins Arena, St. Pauli will probably come to terms with the idea of ​​starting in the 2nd division again next season.

St. Pauli lineup

  • Port: Smarch
  • Defensive: Zander, Medic, Lawrence, Paqarada
  • Midfield: Aremu, Benatelli, Irvine, Kyereh
  • Offensive: Burgstaller, Makeniok

St. Pauli never deviates from the well-established 4-3-1-2 system, so you can not expect anything else at Schalke. In terms of staff, however, it is extremely difficult to predict a possible starting student due to the many ambiguities. Only the defense could remain complete. With Jackson Irvine, a player who had to serve a yellow card suspension last weekend is also available again. A total of 17 professionals were absent from training on Tuesday (ten of them due to positive coronatests). Christopher Avevor, Sebastian Ohlsson and Jannes Wieckhoff will not return to the field this season. Guido Burgstaller was put on the sidelines with a muscle problem and Eric Smith with a calf problem. It remains to be seen who can ultimately stand on the field on Saturday.

Schalke vs. St. Pauli direct comparison

The direct comparison speaks relatively clearly for FC Schalke with eight-three wins and three draws. St. However, Pauli won the first match 2-1, after the Royal Blues had always won the four previous matches – all in the Bundesliga. St. Pauli has lost four out of five matches against Schalke so far, the second match ended goalless. Kiezkicker scored just one goal in those five away games.

Schalke vs St Pauli facts and statistics

  • St. Pauli won the first match 2-1 with a brace from Guido Burgstaller
  • St. Pauli has been waiting for a victory in 5 matches
  • Schalke have won 7 of their last 8 matches
  • St. Pauli have lost only 1 of their last 5 away matches
  • Schalke could possibly make early promotion clear with a win

Schalke vs. St. Pauli Tip and forecast:

The top match on the 33rd match day in the 2. Bundesliga will undoubtedly take place on Saturday night in Veltins Arena. There, the strong-willed leaders Schalke 04 welcome FC St. Pauli, who has been plagued by numerous staffing issues in what is perhaps the season’s most important match. Although a few of the players infected with Corona will be tested free before Saturday, the quarantine may mean they are missing a few crucial percentages, which is usually what ultimately matters in such top games.

But even though both sides are currently playing the top eleven, after the last few weeks we would have recommended you bet on a home win for the Royal Blues at BildBet. New customers should be especially happy with this recommendation, because after registration they can now play on a triangle from the hosts at a greatly increased odds of 6.00!

Anyone who is already registered with BildBet and does not want to be satisfied with the normal 1.44 odds of a Schalke win should extend the tip a bit. St. Pauli has not scored in just one of their last nine games, while Schalke have only gone two of their last nine without conceding a goal. So if you want to bet on both teams scoring without committing to a winner, you can do so with odds of 1.53. However, a temptingly high odds of 2.75 is offered for a Schalke victory with goals from both sides.

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