Yoga for jogging: These sports are the cheapest

Dthe Germans are enthusiastic about sports. According to a 2019 Forsa survey, 35 percent of Germans play sports two to three times a week. Among the 18-29-year-olds, it is even almost half. But sports as a hobby can also cost a lot of money. Many gym operators are currently raising their monthly fees, and not everyone can or wants to invest in expensive sports equipment. A comparison portal has now found out which sports are the cheapest to buy the equipment.

1st place: Springreb

Who can still remember the old hemp skipping ropes with wooden handles? Jumping rope was a lot of fun even as a kid. Although the ropes have changed a bit visually, they are still effective for fitness. In fact, if you get started, you can lose up to 500 calories per half-hour jump, or about 350 calories at a moderate pace. Skipping ropes for beginners are available from an affordable price of eight euros and they cost an average of 25 euros depending on the shape, color and length. More expensive models are sometimes in the three-digit range.


Professional skipping rope from Nike for advanced skiers, around 26 euros, available here *

2nd place: Hula Hoop

Especially during the long lockdown period, one or another hula hoop was dug out of the basement. With the hulahop sport, you can build muscle and lose weight at the same time – whether it is in the garden, living room or studio. If you swing the tire back and forth for an hour, you can burn up to 500 calories. For all beginners: In the beginning, you should take a look at tips and tricks on how to best hull so that the tire does not keep falling off. The right technique is essential here to persevere. The price is particularly attractive. A hula hoop in various designs and with detachable elements is available from as little as 20 euros.

hula hoops


Schildkröt hula hoops, in different colors, about 20 euros, available here *

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3rd place: swimmingin

In a few months, the outdoor pools will finally reopen. Until then, the indoor pools will still be open in Germany. Swimming at a steady pace in one hour burns about 700 calories, so the sport is great for throwing a few winter pounds off your stomach and waist while being light on your joints. Swimming is not an expensive hobby, after all you only need a bathing suit or swimming trunks. If you do not necessarily buy the most expensive brands here, including accessories such as goggles and cap, it costs around 50 euros. Of course, there are no upper limits. You have to shell out a little more to get into the baths. If you want to bathe a lot, you should look around for annual passes.

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Adidas bikini in black, about 40 euros, available here *

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at  13.47.06


Swimwear from Lacoste in dark blue, around 46 euros, available here *

4th place: Yoga

The trend sport of yoga focuses on mental health. Compared to other sports, you do not lose weight purposefully, but there are variants that are very sweaty. The sport can be cheap to purchase, but many manufacturers also attract with smart lifestyle products. There are cheap models from 30 euros, up to mats to 1650 euros from Prada. When buying, make sure you have a solid footing on the mat and do not slip around.



Hybrid yoga mat from Mala in apricot, about 89 euros, available here

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5th place: jogging

Turn on headphones, go outside and let’s go. Especially running clothes are not absolutely necessary for beginners in mild temperatures. When jogging, however, the quality of the footwear plays an important role – so it makes sense not to buy the cheapest products. Experts recommend investing around 100 euros.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at  13.30.20


Novablast 2 running shoes from Asics in black for men, around 113 euros, buy it here *

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at  13:51:33


Kawana One One from Hoka jogging shoes for women in white, about 112 euros, available here *

6th place: Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is only slowly getting rid of its retirement image, although it is especially ideal for people who are overweight and have joint problems. The endurance sport protects and strengthens bones, joints and the cardiovascular system and trains back and shoulder muscles. If you do Nordic Walking for an hour, you can actually burn up to 400 calories. With the hiking poles and the right shoes, the price is around 130 euros.

Screenshot 2022-04-11 on 16/07/07


Newfeel walking sticks, about 55 euros, available here *

7th place: football

With around four billion fans, football is the most popular sport in the world. The sport is not only effective because it trains the whole body, but also relatively inexpensive. If you only need a ball and shoes, it’s about 150 euros. If you want to play football in a club and do not want to do without a suitable jersey, you even pay.

Screenshot 2022-04-11 at  16.21.19

Source: Otto

Malice Elite SG football shoes from Adidas in silver, 110 euros, available here *

8th place: roller skating

One sport that has received renewed attention in recent years is roller skating. The sport is really fun on a slippery asphalt surface, but it is not so easy to keep the balance. You will be rewarded with a shapely buttocks because mainly buttocks and leg muscles are trained. Roller skates, a helmet and knee and wrist protectors cost around 150 euros.

roller skate


Story Glacier roller skates with a retro look, around 89 euros, are available here

Roller skates men


Vintage look roller skates for men in black, about 110 euros, available here

really need one?


9th place: inline skating

Inline skating is the roller skating race of the 1990s. As the wheels on roller skates are larger and thinner than roller skates, you are more flexible and faster. As a result, you can burn up to 800 calories in an hour and also train your leg and buttock muscles effectively. You should charge around 170 euros for roller skates, protectors and a helmet.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at  10.41.10


Fila roller skates in light blue and black, available in different colors, around 125 euros, available here *

10th place: cycling

The bicycle market is booming. Especially during the pandemic period, many bought a bike again to reduce their internal stress level. It does not matter if you are on your way to work, in your free time or on real racetracks: cycling provides positive energy and is fun. Exercise also has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, promotes blood circulation in the body and is easy for the joints. There are no price limits on purchases, there are savings offers from 250 euros. To protect yourself from injury, you should also invest in a high quality helmet.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 at  10:47:59


Neon red bike from Elops Speed, available in different colors, around 250 euros, buy it here *

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