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A static analysis of the east hall should show whether it is still possible to add and expand here. © FREDERICK

The Gießen 46ers have been relegated from the Bundesliga, but the question of the hall has been clarified. The change does not change anything, says the mayor. The construction of a ball sports hall is also being investigated.

It took a few days before the first shock of the promotion was digested, but on Tuesday Wolfgang Greilich, chairman of the board of the upcoming second division basketball team Gießen 46ers, was combative again: “We will return this time. However, the resurgence must be planned and well prepared, and it may take a little longer, “Greilich wrote on his Facebook page. The precondition for the resurgence is that the structures are right and then” establish themselves permanently and stably in the first division “. “must once again live up to its name by building the infrastructure that has been neglected for decades. Greilich’s post ends with the call:” Let’s get started! “

ball sports hall is checked

For the 46s, it should first and foremost be of elementary importance that the work that began a few months ago in consultation with the city council does not end now, because Gießen will first play Pro A next season. The agreements reached with the 46s on the issue of the hall at the beginning of the year remain unchanged, Mayor Frank-Tilo Becher said on Wednesday when asked by GAZ. The head of the SPD town hall stressed: “The descent has not changed anything.”

By agreements, Becher meant to explore other possibilities:

First, according to Becher, a structural analysis was ordered for the eastern sports hall under the agreement with the 46s. This static test should show if it is possible to expand again. The conversion and expansion to a clean basketball hall was an element of a concept that the 46s had placed in the mayoral election campaign this fall. Other elements in the concept are the construction of a multi-field school sports hall and a youth academy, also in the east hall.

Secondly, according to the mayor, it is about “deepening” the preliminary investigation that the city and the 46s – at that time still with the management around CEO Heiko Schelberg – had done together. The exhibition center at Hessenhallen was always mentioned as the site of a multifunctional arena. But it is no longer a multifunctional hall where concerts and other events could have taken place. Becher: “We’re talking about a clean ballroom now.”

results up for summer

Becher expects the results of both studies by the summer. On this basis, the Gießen 46ers, but also the Gießen Pointers, who have been promoted to the third basketball league, must be clarified “as soon as possible and on a realistic basis”, also and above all in terms of funding.

Becher, who is also head of the sports department, agreed that the clarification process should not be postponed. He wants to hold further talks with both clubs later this month and hear how they assess their situation. In terms of educational opportunities, Becher admitted that there was a “need for action.”

That the 46’s concept of a basketball and school sports venue in the eastern hall is being investigated, and that the alternative of a ball sports hall elsewhere is being investigated, also reflects the attitudes of the city council. In the mayoral election campaign, the current mayor Alexander Wright (The Greens) spoke in favor of implementing the 46er concept, while Becher, who later won the election, did not want to completely abandon the arena option for Hessenhallen.

Both concepts would probably have a spectator capacity of around 5000 and thus 1000 more than in the eastern sports hall.

The two studies will be funded from the city budget for 2022. In December, the coalition of the Greens, SPD and Giessen Left Party made a budget title for this purpose called “Report on the study of the preservation of basketball league sports at Gießen Location”.

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