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(From left) Fred Stradinger, Lothar Barth, Barbara Graf, Frank Ebel and Sabine Schifferdecker had a lot of fun at the start of training. They tried the devices right away. Photo: Georg Friedel

An outdoor gym was opened last week on the sports field at SG Weilimdorf on Solitudestrasse. There are exercise facilities for young and old.

The scissors must first fight their way through the somewhat loose and not properly stretched red ribbons. But in the end, it was done quickly. SG Weilimdorf Chairman Lothar Barth, Stuttgart Sports District President and CDU City Councilor Fred-Jürgen Stradinger and Sabine Schifferdecker of Vector Informatics in Weilimdorf inaugurated the new “Vector Outdoor Mobility Park” with this very cutting tool and the accompanying ceremony “and the Calisthenics tower on SG As soon as this official part was over, the first guests were already hanging on the iron bars. They climbed or climbed through the fitness track. Meanwhile, Fred Stradinger, Lothar Barth and Sabine Schifferdecker tried the less strenuous variant at the back of the facility. Weilimdorf District Councilor Barbara Graf of the Greens and Weilimdorf AfD City Councilor Frank Ebel for the right photo motif.

New concept for urban movement spaces

The new facility fits in well with the master plan concept for urban movement spaces in Stuttgart’s city administration. For city dwellers, more and more people are looking for low-threshold activities and sports and exercise facilities in their immediate vicinity – almost in parallel with the classic and usual sports facilities in the clubs, as they are also available for the 1600 members of the sports community Weilimdorf. Such outdoor courses offer themselves as an alternative to departmental sports. The idea for this outdoor gym was actually born out of necessity, SGW board member Barth said at the inauguration. For the past two and a half years, the corona pandemic has limited the opportunities for playing sports so much that one had to look for alternatives. Training was hardly possible indoors, especially, and sports halls and fitness clubs sometimes had to close: “We thought we should do something where people could move,” the SGW CFO said. This is how the plan to establish this calisthenics freestyle park on the sports campus came about. Members from different departments gave a hand. The SG sports boxes helped set up and fasten the hanging wall. She weighed a quarter of a ton. The members contributed about 500 hours of volunteer work and there are many personal contributions to the project. Godel-Beton provided free material to the foundation. Vector Informatics acted as an important sponsor. The local company financed the equipment for the mobility park. “We’ll come by with our sports teams to try it out,” Vector employee Sabine Schifferdecker promised at the opening. The system cost about 50,000 euros. The city of Stuttgart, the Württemberg State Sports Association and sponsors each contributed a third of this amount. SGW executives now hope to be able to expand the offer. “For the third part of our plant, the power machines, we are still looking for small and large sponsors,” Barth stressed.

Stick to the stick

For Stradinger, SGW’s commitment is forward-looking for other clubs. “You can see the innovation here,” he said. Around 290 Stuttgart sports clubs with over 170,000 members are organized in the Stuttgart sports district: “At SG Weilimdorf you notice that something is moving here. There is a lot of life in here. ”

Integration is also a top priority at SGW. SG members and active athletes come from many different nations and cultures. The sports community Weilimdorf shows in an impressive way how joint sports strengthen the social interaction and bring people together, said the chairman of the sports district. A project similar to the one in Weilimdorf already exists in Degerloch between the forest school and the new sports hall in Waldau, Stradinger emphasized. The outdoor sports facility is a magnet for many recreational athletes and provides an opportunity to get to know each other and give each other tips for training. Athletes stay in shape there with pull-ups, rim swings and other exercises. They only use the power of their bodies.

muscles without fitness equipment

Those who practice calisthenics want to build muscle – without complex fitness equipment. Some look like gymnasts, others like bodybuilders, ninja warriors or parkour runners flying over walls. There they also train and train the balancing act. So it pays to stick to it.

At SGW’s sports campus near the Wolfbusch tram stop, there are not only drawbars, parallel bars and horizontal bars. Leg and shoulder presses, a push-up trainer or a chest press are also part of the outdoor gym. The red units in the rear of the new facility form the mobility circle: “They are excellent for senior citizens and generally for people who want to start training again,” explains Barth. He also recommends these devices as a gentle way to get back into sports after “a muscle injury or a broken bone.”

In the future, the Weilimdorf sports club also wants to offer courses for residents of old people’s homes so that they can train in the fresh air. Regular cardio training can not only get the body moving, but also the gray cells in the brain.

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