Qantas is planning luxurious interiors for the world’s longest flight

Qantas Airways

From the end of 2025, the Australian airline Qantas Airways wants to start non-stop flights from Australia to New York and London. Additional connections on these routes with a flight time of more than 16 hours follow.

Qantas will fly the routes with the Airbus A350-1000 aircraft model. This is one of the most modern long-haul aircraft in the Airbus portfolio.

When it comes to interior design, Qantas plans generously: A relatively large number of seats should be business and premium economy seats, and in the rear third of the plane, passengers should be able to stretch their legs in a yoga corner.

There are 17,000 kilometers as the crow flies between Sydney and London. According to the Qantas boss, the Australian airline Qantas Airways wants to overcome this “distance tyranny” – with non-stop flights. The flight time should easily exceed 16 hours. The airline actually wanted to launch the airline internally called “Project Sunrise” two years ago, but then came the corona pandemic.

Now that aviation is beginning to recover from the effects of the pandemic, there is a new start: On Monday, Qantas and Airbus announced that the airline has ordered twelve Airbus A350-1000 aircraft to serve the Sydney and Melbourne Connect example with London and New York.

Depending on how many economy and how many business class seats an airline installs, an Airbus A350-1000 can accommodate 334 (Cathay Pacific) or 429 passengers (Air Caraibes). Qantas is generously planning for the extraordinarily long route between Australia and New York or London: The airline wants to carry 238 passengers on one flight.

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First-class suites with bed and wardrobe

The Qantas A350 will have six premium suites, 52 business class suites, 40 premium economy class seats and 140 economy seats. The seat in the first-class suites should resemble a lounge chair, and the suite should also have a 32-inch (approximately 81 centimeters) television, a bed and a wardrobe. Qantas released these drawings of the suites when it announced the order on Monday:

Qantas Airways

Qantas Airways

Apples, water and yoga must ensure a healthy flight

A “well-being zone” must be created between the premium economy class and the economy class, where passengers can move around and play sports during the ultra-long flight. To ensure that passengers drink enough during the flight, beverages in refrigerators and healthy snacks should also be available in this area. The drawings show a fruit basket with apples and bananas and a monitor showing sports exercises that can be imitated in the wellness zone.

Qantas Airways

For Qantas, the ultra-long-distance routes are an opportunity to develop new business areas. Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said in an official statement from the airline: “New types of aircraft make new things possible.” The announcement is important for a country like Australia, where “air travel is crucial”. In the future, any city should be “just a flight” away from Australia. Joyce talks about the “final limit” that is now falling.

At the same time, Qantas’ decision, which became known on Monday, is also a defeat for Boeing. Because before Corona, Qantas had tried ultra-long-haul routes with the Dreamliner, that is, the Boeing 787. Firstly, it flies longer and secondly, it is not as efficient as the Airbus A350.

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