NFL Germany boss at Bucs vs. Seahawks “It’s Amazing” Alexander Steinforth, it’s finally official: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers meet the Seattle Seahawks in the first NFL game in Germany on November 13 at the Munich Allianz Arena. If you had to describe this position in one word, what would it be?

Alexander Steinforth: “In just one word? It’s really very difficult! But I want to say: great (laughs).” Why?

Steinforth: “I could have chosen many qualities in this encounter, but we believe that with this combination of Tom Brady, who himself came out of retirement, and the Seattle Seahawks, with their huge fan base in Germany, we have the perfect pair for the first “NFL match in Germany. I am absolutely convinced that this duel will raise expectations for this weekend in Munich and that we will all have a wonderful time together in the city.” Tom Brady and now the Seattle Seahawks together in Germany – for many German NFL fans, a big dream is definitely coming true …

Steinforth: “… we hope so, of course, and we are also very optimistic about this, because of course we know the many Seahawks fans in Germany. It is not for nothing that the ‘German Seahawkers’ have one of the biggest fans clubs on an NFL team in Germany and is not only very visible at the NFL matches in London, but has also often been a guest in the U.S. This will then be complemented by Tom Brady and a team from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who want to play for the title again next season, not only because of the names but also a sportingly exciting game of high class.I even think that if the German NFL fans could have wished for two teams, both Bucs and Brady and the Seahawks were right at the front would be. “ How did this appointment in Munich arise behind the scenes? As an NFL Germany boss, did you also have some influence on the matter?

Steinforth: “It’s a very complex process. First of all, it’s about finding a team that wants to give up a home game in the US for an International Series game, in our case Germany – and there were actually a lot of clubs that would like to play for us.This is an extremely positive development, because it was not always the case in the past.But now many teams will suddenly play in Germany, and then at some point it became clear that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would go to Munich Of course it also fits in really well, because they have recently got the marketing rights to Germany, and so in the end, looking at the match calendar also dictates to a certain extent the opponent, and whoever comes into the question team then there is close coordination with the league and the former club, and of course our expertise is also consulted, which we think is the most attractive and most makes the most sense. There is a lot of discussion going on over a long period of time. “ What were you thinking when Tom Brady first announced his retirement a few weeks ago, shortly after announcing his comeback?

Steinforth: “Of course we had wanted from the start that he would play in Munich. But we also knew that the end of Tom Brady’s career at the age of 44 could be a realistic option. Therefore, it was not so surprising, but all the more gratifying It was natural when he changed his mind again, because he is currently the most famous face in the NFL, especially when you are outside the United States. That is why he is a good ambassador for us for the first NFL game in Germany. “ The NFL game in Germany has polarized the masses since it was announced. A few weeks ago, about 400,000 ticket requests were received for this game in Munich. What is the current status of inquiries and when will the official ticket sales begin?

Steinforth: “We are now on almost 500,000 registrations and have planned to start pre-sales in June / July. So there is still some time to register for tickets and be with everyone interested.” Demand clearly exceeds Allianz Arena’s capacity. So what will be the exact procedure for ticket allocation?

Steinforth: “We have thought a lot about it, but there is nothing definitive to announce yet. The only thing that is clear is that all those who have signed up will first be informed about the advance sale. Further details will be given in working very closely with FC Bayern on this and are convinced that we will find the fairest solution.Of course with tears in our eyes that we would like an even bigger stadium for this particular match, so everyone can really be there But it will not be our last match in Germany. “ Are there already plans for possible fan events related to the game in the Allianz Arena? For example, will there be an NFL fan party or similar activity in town?

Steinforth: “We are working very hard on that at the moment. There will definitely be a big tailgate party around the Allianz Arena on match day. However, it is still unclear what else we can offer and above all where it will be” We are currently in close contact with the city of Munich and discuss the different variants. We simply want to give as many NFL fans in Germany as possible the opportunity to attend this event. I’m thinking primarily of the fans who, unfortunately, did not end up with anyone getting a ticket. “ In general, what are the next steps now that the match between the Buccaneers and the Seahawks is finally ready?

Steinforth: “We are in the middle of the planning phase. NFL staff from the USA and England come to Munich almost every other week and work on our project. Among other things, it is important to ensure that the stadium is ready for the day of the game, but topics such as fan events play In addition, the first representatives of the Buccaneers and Seahawks are soon on their way to Munich to get a first impression of the local events: Where does my team train? Where are the hotels? How is the infrastructure? In addition, selected players from both teams will “come to Germany on a campaign trip in the summer. And other topics such as our big flag football program for Germany will also be promoted, with which we will also be guests in many German cities. So there are many exciting things we are working on right now.”

The interview was conducted by: Dominik Hechler

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