NBA Playoffs, Dallas Mavericks – Insights into the Mavs bust vs. Suns in Game 2: Welcome to Point God Hell

Chris Paul shows a power demonstration in the fourth quarter of Game 2, Luka Doncic is trapped in Point God Hell. How the Suns targeted a weakness in the Mavs, and who should improve in Dallas. The findings.

1. Suns vs. Mavs: Clutch King CP3 takes over game 2

impressed? Definitely. Surprised? Not really. Devin Booker took Chris Paul’s masterpiece relatively calmly in the fourth quarter of the 129-109 victory in Game 2. Somehow understandable, for the heroic deeds of the point gods were in fact nothing new. For the fourth time this postseason, he scored at least ten points in the fourth quarter, the best in the NBA. It was number 24 throughout his career, only eight more players in the association’s history.

Few can dissect a team with as precision as Point God. The drama for Mavs began with a three-pointer from the right wing. Nothing but net. This throw made Paul roll. Constant attacks against Luka Doncic followed, a layup, a mid-range jumper over Maxi Kleber, a float after an excellent foul, a jumper over Doncic and finally one-and-one developed with spectacular handling.

In just four minutes, Paul scored 14 points on 6/7 from the field. During this period, Sun’s lead grew from +3 to +15. He did not want a close finish, and he let Dallas feel it. “He has a switch, he just turns it around,” excited teammate Jae Crowder.

Phoenix won the fourth quarter 40-26, with the home team scoring an excellent 84.2 percent of their shots in the basket – only two other teams in the last 25 years have achieved anything similar (Spurs 2014 and Wolves 2004). Booker finished with a late rain of three, but Paul laid the foundation – as the league’s best link team has done so many times this season, and as Paul has done so many times in his career.

“I’ve always admired the way he rigs the games,” Booker said. “He is always in control. He is always two or three steps ahead of the opposing team.” Booker was reminded of his childhood as he sat in front of the television and adored Point God. Paul is celebrating his 37th birthday on Friday. It’s just amazing how he still decides playoff games today.

2. Suns vs. Mavs: How CP3 Deliberately Separated Dallas

Sometime in the fourth quarter, Zach Lowe (ESPN) the Suns as “incredibly rude” hosts. Cruel or mean would also have been suitable as adjectives, otherwise the last section of Paul and Co. could hardly described. Phoenix picked out the weakness in the Mavs defense and attacked it coldly. Over and over again.

This vulnerability went by the name Luka Doncic. Already in the third round, the Suns started attacking the Mavs superstar. In some situations, Booker or Crowder got past the Slovenian all too easily with their drives. In the last section, Paul took things to the extreme.

On three of the Suns veteran’s six buckets described above, Paul used pick ‘n’ rolls, which Dallas almost always switched, to search one-on-one against Doncic. He did not always make the freshest impression, perhaps because he had to take on a lot of offensive work in the first half.

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