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Eintracht Braunschweig is returning to the second Bundesliga – not least thanks to coach Michael Schiele. He raised the “lions” that lay on the ground after the descent, and shaped them into a real entity with discipline but also justice.

by Matthew Heidrich

When the ball rolls, Michael Schiele is right in the middle of it instead of just being there. Always focused, always energetic, the Eintracht coach is very close to his team. Flip out explicitly allowed! As, for example, after the last-minute victory goal against Havelse in early April. The 44-year-old fell to the ground while celebrating Jan-Hendrik Marx’s goal in overtime before Schiele sank into the blue-yellow “Löwen” cluster.

3: 2 was the starting shot for Braunschweig’s last sprint of the season with three more victories in a row, where in the end there will most likely be a direct promotion back to the second division. One victory is still missing On Saturday in SV Meppen, the Braunschweigers have their first chance to crown their strong season.

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With a victory, Braunschweig is second division – third division match in SV Meppen on Saturday from kl. 14.00 live. more

Emotional on the sidelines, careful behind the scenes

Coach Schiele is the father of success and still a member of the “Lion” package. Emotional on the sidelines, careful behind the scenes and clear in his football ideas – Schiele seems to have been a stroke of luck for Braunschweig last summer.

“Finding the right coach is not easy. We valued the team’s mentality and attitude and were also looking for a coach who shared these values,” CEO Peter Vollmann told NDR.

“He’s very fair when he deals with the team, but he also tells the players very clearly what deficits there are. Not everyone can do that, and to a certain extent that’s what we absolutely needed. “
CEO Vollmann on Coach Schiele

Schiele, who has signed a contract with Eintracht until 2023, is leading the way. “The discipline that the coach exemplifies has been transferred to the team and contributes to unity,” Vollmann said.

NDR data graphics for Eintracht Braunschweig coach Michael Schiele © NDR / imago images Joachim Sielski

The coach would never pat himself on the back for that. He would rather pass on the praise. “We work as one unit on the pitch. With us, everyone is there for the other. The team has a very good character.”

The GSN data shows that the 44-year-old is also doing a really good job on the sidelines. Schiele’s victory rate in the third division (137 matches so far) is just over 49.64 percent. He averaged 1.72 points per game. third division match – 0.26 more than one would have expected based on the “expected points” (1.46). He was born in Heidenheim and gets more out of his teams than is theoretically possible.

Schiele’s “Lions” defensively stable, offensively effective

That was the case with the Würzburger Kickers, which the former professional trained in the second division in the 2019/2020 season, and which can also be seen at Eintracht at the moment. From a tactical point of view, the Braunschweig improvement lets its “lions” play offensive ball possession football in a 4-2-3-1 system – according to data analysis, the ideal Eintracht formation. “Besides”, he trimmed his team for efficiency – 26.53% converted chances are the top value in the current third division season.

NDR data graphics for Eintracht Braunschweig coach Michael Schiele © NDR / imago images Joachim Sielski

Is there more? The numbers say “yes” to Schiele. With a GSN index of 59.71, the 44-year-old is scratching the edge of the Bundesliga’s suitability in terms of data.

Coach Schiele seems to be destined for higher things. And be it the second Bundesliga with its “lions”. “Eintracht Braunschweig should aim to be a stable second division team again in the medium term,” said Schiele. Last but not least, the data show that the 44-year-old can characterize the traditional club.

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