High class women’s tennis at the DTB rankings tournament in Hachenburg

Announcement from 05/05/2022

By Wolfgang Rabsch

A DTB ranking tournament for women in tennis was held at the TuS Hachenburg facility. Tournament leader Timo Müller was very pleased with the course of the tournament and the event.

Photos: Wolfgang Rabsch (2) / private (organizer) (5)

Hachenburg. Anyone who experiences tennis live will be amazed at the energy, power and agility with which the games are played. Broadcasts on television are far from capable of transmitting the dynamics. So much ahead of the DTB (German Tennis Federation) ranking tournament for women at the TuS Hachenburg facility, which was organized by the Westerwald Gebhardshain sports community. After all, there were registered players who have established themselves on the German rankings between places 164 and 263. The DTB rankings are still led by Angelique Kerber, about whom there is not much to say. She has been a galleon figure in German tennis for years, even many German talents have followed in her footsteps. As the ranking is based on a points system, points can be collected at tournaments approved by DTB.

Exciting semifinals decided the final opponents
Alexandra Volkov from TC Netphen and Julia Sauer are preparing for the first semifinal. In an exciting game that could hardly be surpassed in terms of excitement, Alexandra Volkow finally won after three sets with 6: 3, 3: 6 and 10: 8. The game went back and forth and could have gotten a different result. Here, two absolutely equal players faced each other, where they gave nothing. Everything a tennis heart desires was expressed here: hard serveings, sensitive stops, long baseline duels, online attacks, serve-and-volley and precise returns. Third set players and spectators got on their nerves, in the end Alexandra Volkov, who was best on the rankings, narrowly won by 10: 8. Exhausted but happy, she was able to fold her arms up after converting the match point. Disappointment over the defeat was written all over Julia Sauer’s face, but as a fair loser, she congratulated the winner.

In the second semifinal, Antonia Ende (TSV Altenfurt, DTB 248) and Alicia Eberwein (Wiesbadener TC, DTB 263) met. In the first set it also went back and forth, a break was followed by a re-break, so in the end the tie-break had to decide at the position 6: 6, which Antonia Ende eventually won. Also in the second set, the spectators could look forward to a balanced game that did not spare on playful subtleties. In the end, Antonia Ende was able to win the second set 6: 4 and came deservedly in the final.

Alexandra Volkov won the rankings tournament
After the successful semifinal, Alexandra Volkov and Antonia Ende faced each other in the final. Again, an exciting game developed, primarily in the first set, which Alexandra Volkov could win 7: 5 thanks to a break. In the second set of the final, Antonia Ende lost her strength a bit because the semi-final had obviously drained her strength. She could not resist Alexandra Volkov’s will to win and had to acknowledge the superiority of her opponent.

Finally, number 164 on the DTB rankings also clearly won the second set 6: 0. It made it clear that Alexandra Volkov would win the tournament in Hachenburg and in addition to the points to the DTB rankings would also enjoy a cash prize could. Alexandra Volkov, as the highest on the rankings, was considered a tournament favorite from the start. She won, but certainly did not expect that she would sometimes have to fight so hard to take home the victory.

Tournament Director Timo Müller was very pleased with the course of the tournament and the event as a whole at the TuS Hachenburg facility. The players who participated in the final tournament naturally felt comfortable as they were the main players at the center of the event.

The award ceremony was conducted by the patron and main sponsor of the tournament, Oliver Gromniza. A special thank you was given to Dr. Michael Weber as referee, who managed to control the matches without the major complaints.

The enthusiastic spectators, who were treated to the very finest tennis at the “Westwood Open”, were also completely satisfied, an advertisement for tennis.

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