GNTM live on the couch ticking: Martina sharply criticizes her competitor – Lieselotte: “I get angry”

  • In GNTM episode 14, the aspiring models must play tennis if they want the perfect image of Heidi Klum.
  • Guest judges are Thomas Hayo, Max Montgomery takes the pictures.
  • In addition to playing tennis, candidates must also sprint along a Scottish checkered court – as always, you can find out who does it best here, in the GNTM sofa ticker.

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21:34: Older people can also show that they still have the power to act, Heidi believes. How old is Lieselotte again? Didn’t even mention her today.

21:33: Lieselotte does not hit a ball and keeps stepping on her dress. Heidi: “Wow, Lieselotte, you’re really good at it!” I commit: Lieselotte wins the case.

Noella had been the best of all seasons in tennis

21:30: Noella had been the best of all seasons in tennis.

21:25: Thomas Hayo: “It does not matter that the models hit the ball.” Also Thomas Hayo at Noella: “The beat rate is really high.”

21:19: “If you go to the prom too early, you’re too late.” Thomas Hayo could bring a calendar of philosophical words to each GNTM recording.

21:07: Phrases that only come from GNTM: “The dress caused no problems.”

21:03: Anita is afraid of losing her face by playing tennis. legitimate fear. Has happened to others before.

21:00: Where does the ambition come from? Maybe because Heidi Klum announces every week that only ONE can become Germany’s next top model. But of course the assessment can also be wrong.

20.55: Tennis shooters are extremely popular right now. Ahh. And why? Because Novak Djokovic advertised the sport so positively?

20:54: Heidi Klum and Thomas Hayo play tennis. What a blessing that I am allowed to experience this in my life.

Martina finds Lieselotte ungrateful – Lieselotte: “I get angry”

20:47: Martina confronts Lieselotte, Lieselotte does not understand the criticism. “I’m getting mad,” Lieselotte says. Martina replied, “We have different standards when it comes to gratitude and respect.” Lieselotte: “I think that’s really naughty, it’s an assumption.” What was it about now? Around coffee and graffiti and at the end of the day, Lieselotte was offended.

20:37: Martina finds Lieselotte ungrateful. Is there a best age match now?

20:34: Noella got the coffee job. Vivian and Anita do not like it.

20:31: Lieselotte did not understand the task? Oh, stop!

20:29: The German Lieselotte, who grew up in the former GDR and knew nothing before the fall of the Wall, it was in 1989, and my Heidi, now I am the blonde Italian and I am already 66 years old.

20:26: I also see a new me in the mirror every morning right after getting up.

20:22: Noella wonders who she is. I also ask myself every day, “Who is Patricia?” So far, I have not answered that.

20:21: The show has been running for six minutes, Lieselotte is already in doubt. Everything as always.

20:19: It’s actually quite exciting that sugar in coffee no longer seems to play a role in today’s GNTM world. I still vividly remember when Thomas Hayo rudely put a participant in her place who had ordered french fries with mayo. By the way, Hayo is a guest judge today.

20:18: The candidates themselves do not believe that they can really drink this sugar-coated refrigerator coffee. Or is it now also allowed in the course of diversity?

20.16: The girls sprint across the tartan court, Heidi Klum: “Which model is now out of breath?” It’s really lively and funny and so well worded that I can not think of anything else.

20:13: Dasha, candidate for 2021, advertises for running shoes. Aha. Also seems totally spontaneous and not by heart. Heidi Klum probably always means that with the acting talent that the candidates need.

20:12: Strange every week when Heidi Klum announces herself with “Germany’s Next Top Model by Heidi Klum”.

Is GNTM-Sophie moving into the jungle camp?

18:06: Has Sophie, who did not get a picture of Heidi Klum last week, now moved into the jungle camp? For one or another GNTM candidate, it was the logical next stop: Larissa Marolt, Sarah Knappik, Gisele Oppermann, Micaela Schäfer, Nathalie Volk and Fiona Erdmann were already more or less comfortable in the rainforest jokes.

“TV Total” host Sebastian Pufpaff wanted to know from the 18-year-old if Sophie could also be a down-under candidate. He invited her to his show after her GNTM exit. According to, however, Sophie will disappoint her fans: she would rather go back to university or “anywhere else than be in the jungle camp,” she said confidently.

But that was not enough of an answer for Puffpaff. Without further ado, he offered the 18-year-old a deal: “If you go in, I’ll take you.” Sophie apparently did not think the jungle camp idea was that bad anymore – and struck out. Will the two really be seen on “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” in 2023? In the end, Pufpaff seemed to regret his suggestion a bit: “Well, if the number is right,” he said.

Viola shows up with a new hairstyle

15.30: Many GNTM fans call her “The Queen” on Twitter, and Viola is no longer present at the actual model casting – in episode 10, she surprisingly had to pack her suitcases. However, it has hardly hurt her popularity among the followers, and she has already got a big modeling job: The 21-year-old recently modeled for Jean Paul Gaultier and fitted with his chewing gum-pink colored mullet perfectly into the somewhat crazy campaign.

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Now, however, Viola is divorced from her signature haircut, which made her stand out to many GNTM fans: The 21-year-old shared a story on Instagram with her more than 52,000 followers (as of May 5 at 3pm) and presented himself in brand new look: peroxide blonde. The cloud became.

“I was right at the hairdresser,” Viola says into the camera, beaming all over her face. “I bleached my roots and bleached my hair completely. And also bleached my eyebrows.” With her completely blonde new look, she feels “very fresh”, as she also let her followers know.

Her fans will definitely be happy with Viola’s new look. And she herself can probably not get enough. A little later, she shared another story and wrote, “My hair is amazing.”

Behind the scenes: This happens at GNTM after the exits!

Heidi Klum carefully sorts out “Germany’s next top model” – but what happens to the set after the announcement of Heidi’s decision? Candidates Juliana Stürmer, Sophie Dräger and Co., who have already been eliminated, give a behind-the-scenes look.

GNTM in the sofa ticker: This happens in section 14

Three more weeks until the grand finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model”: GNTM 2022 ends in three weeks – May 26. ProSieben has since confirmed this.

When GNTM was at home for the last couple of years, it was usually already clear who could get the crown in the end: Alex Mariah Peter, for example, in 2021, or Jacky Wruck a year before.

This year, however, everything is different. Heidi Klum promised diversity, and at least as far as her remaining candidates are concerned, that’s right. Who would have thought that Lieselotte was still in the running, but Viola or Vanessa or Sophie should pack their suitcases?

In GNTM episode 14, the last eight have to once again outdo themselves and play tennis at a photo shoot. Where have the recordings of recent years gone, where the aspiring models had to go under and deliver an underwater image? Or the times when “Meeedchen” had to stage herself with a so-called male model, ie a male counterpart?

But somehow a tennis shoot also fits in with the kitchen footage that has already taken place and the tug of war shooting at the start of the season. It’s all so wonderfully normal that any GNTM fan can easily recreate it at home. Diving equipment and male counterpart unnecessary.

Guest Judge Thomas Hayo looks past

Photographer this week is Max Montgomery (where is Kristian Schuller this season?), Guest judge is Thomas Hayo. At least an old friend. “Of course, with this shoot, it’s not important that you play tennis perfectly, but it would at least help to understand the movement and the sport,” he explains according to ProSieben. “Ultimately, it’s about staging the dress – that’s really the most important thing to me.”

And even with the Elimination Walk, it stays sporty. In outfits that the 1980s would be proud of, the budding models must first sprint down a tartan track and then step down the catwalk.

“With the walk, I think it is important today that you convey the aesthetics of the outfit well. That you find the right poses for it. And that your face might adapt well, because it is a very sporty walk,” he says candidate . Luca for sure. Thomas Hayo explains again: “In the end, of course, it depends on which of the models works best. But we also look at how they move, how graceful they are.”

As always, you can find out who played the best tennis in the end and which models are a round further here: in the GNTM sofa ticker.

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Heidi Klum is looking for her again: the most beautiful model candidates in Germany. But who wants him in this “Germany’s next top model”? Although we can not look into the future, there is one indicator of the popularity of the remaining candidates: their followers on Instagram. (Photo: Imago)

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