Formula 1 live ticker: Short-term DRS adjustment in Miami


Small adjustments to DRS zones in Miami

No wheels have been driven in Miami yet, but those in charge of the World Automobile Federation (FIA) have implemented changes in the three DRS zones again.

– Zone 1: The measuring point after curve 8 was moved seven meters back. DRS activation can also take place 37 meters earlier, ie shortly after turning 9.

– Zone 2: The measuring point after curve 16 on the back was just moved three meters forward.

– Zone 3: The measuring point in curve 17 was moved four meters forward.

The Mercedes track sketch gives an impression of the new Formula 1 race track, and the three DRS zones are also noted on it.


More tomorrow!

And that was it for Formula 1 Thursday from Miami. Stephen Ehlen thanks for your attention today! As usual, my colleague Ruben Zimmermann will take over at this point in the live ticker tomorrow, and I’ll switch back to the session live ticker for the rest of the event in Miami. So until then, have a good evening!


Why Mercedes drives with a colorful rear wing

Lewis Hamilton’s and George Russell’s Mercedes are driving in Miami with colorful rear wings, and there is a reason for this: The team, together with sponsor FTX, will auction off the rear wings that were used in the US race after the weekend and donate the profits to a good cause.

The bright color design on the Mercedes rear wings comes from the artist Mad Dog Jones.

    ~ Mercedes W13 ~


2023: This is how Gasly imagines the future

Pierre Gasly could switch teams for the 2023 season and either return to Red Bull or turn his back on the energy drink company completely. He is asked if he has already thought more about this.

The Frenchman responds evasively and first addresses the current situation at AlphaTauri in the 2022 season. “What’s most important to me is to do my best with the car I have. I want to feel like I’m doing my best with the material I have.”

Off the field, of course, he thinks about what his future might look like. “My situation is clear, I have ambitions,” Gasly says. “There’s an interest. There are talks with Red Bull and AlphaTauri on how to move forward.”

For now, though, he can say little more about it, other than: “The right decision is coming at the right time.”


Gasly expects “many overtaking maneuvers”

My colleague Adam Cooper has just spoken to Pierre Gasly. First out was the Miami track, which Gasly says “looks fast.” His verdict: “There are two very long straights, and that’s great because we’ll probably see a lot of overtaking.”

The biggest driving challenge is the first sector with many fast turns. Especially the 7-year-old arouses respect for him, says Gasly. “There it goes almost endlessly to the left. You can not see the corner exit from the cockpit. The tires suffer quite a lot at this point.”

According to Gasly, a question mark is the pit entrance at turn 19 (see photo). A harassment makes it harder for drivers to turn there. “It’s tight,” Gasly says. “It all depends on how much you can cut corners. We tried it in the simulator. If you can cut corners a little bit, it’s easier. But if we can not touch the white line, it should be pretty hard.”



Bottas has also gone astray

Valtteri Bottas did not have to go as far as McLaren boss Brown to have his special “date” before the Miami Grand Prix: He went to the Miami Dolphins from the American Football League NFL and got a taste of it Training of football crackers.

20.54 kl

McLaren boss Zak Brown is leaving

Before the Formula 1 race in Miami, McLaren boss Zak Brown took off – with the US Navy’s aerobatic pilots, the so-called Blue Angels. He received a 45-minute demonstration flight including two “screws” with an estimated 650 km / h, looping was also included in the program. The highest load for pilots Griffin Stangel and Brown is said to have been 7.4 g.

How well Brown handled the high-speed flight is not known. In most of the pictures, however, the McLaren boss makes a happy impression …

20.41 kl

Video: Formula 1 countdown in Miami

It will not be long before the Miami International Autodrome is officially inaugurated by Formula 1. And here comes the “countdown” from Sky TV with some updated information about this year’s first American race!

Final preparations: The Formula 1 countdown in Miami is underway

For the first time ever, Formula 1 competes one weekend in Miami. The final preparations are underway.

20.33 kl

Pirelli declares “conservative” tire choice for Miami

For the first Grand Prix in Miami, Formula 1 supplier Pirelli has nominated the tire connections C2, C3 and C4, ie the middle connections in the range. One can also say: These are the standard tires in Formula 1, because C2 to C4 are most often used together.

Why in Miami too? Pirelli’s sporting director Mario Isola explains: “With a new course, we always tend to be on the conservative side. It will be exciting to see to what extent the real data matches our simulations.”

Because the Miami International Autodrome had been pre-cleaned with high-pressure nozzles, the track had to “offer good grip right from the start,” says Isola. “And because the cars are likely to drive with low to medium downforce, we’ll probably see a few slips in the fast turns, especially on the hard mass.”


Even without Ferrari help: Ilott back at Alfa Romeo

Former Ferrari junior Callum Ilott has reappeared in the Formula 1 fold at Alfa Romeo, where he had already been active as a test and reserve driver during the Ferrari era. Ilott is in the same role in Miami, but this time Ferrari is no longer assigned to do so. “He’s just one of us,” team manager Frederic Vasseur said when asked.

In the 2022 season, Ilott will be there as a substitute when Robert Kubica is unable to be active due to other commitments – like this weekend when Kubica is running in the Endurance World Championship (WEC) in Spa. “We do not even need a contract for that,” Vasseur continues. “Callum is your family.”

The Briton actually had a completely different orientation for 2022: Ilott is driving in the IndyCar series in the US and is currently pursuing no Formula 1 plans. “At least I’m not actively looking for a place. I have a good career ahead of me in IndyCars, but if something comes up [in der Formel 1]so good.”


Under Mercedes W13

Our Formula 1 technical editor Giorgio Piola has been busy again, providing us with detailed photos from pit lane in Miami. Also included: a picture of the undercarriage of the Mercedes W13 with the Venturi channels. Other photos show the rear wing of the Red Bull RB18 or the front wing of the Ferrari F1-75. And the same is true here: We will be constantly updating our technology photo series with new motifs over the weekend!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Miami Grand Prix 2022


GED meeting in Miami

Two GOATS meet in Miami – at least the title of “Greatest of All Time” is sometimes coined for Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton and NFL superstar Tom Brady. Before the first US race of the year, the two met to play golf. We do not know if they understand golf as well as their normal subjects …

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Mercedes F1 ~ NFL star Tom Brady with Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) ~


Not everyone runs the Miami Trackwalk

At almost 30 degrees Celsius and 5.4 kilometers in length, not all Formula 1 drivers face a trackwalk in Miami. Valtteri Bottas switched to cycling, as did Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez. However, most riders have so far gone round to get a detailed picture of the temporary track. And is it still the weather is perfect in Miami but it may change (selectively) over the next few days …

Valtteri Bottas ~ Valtteri Bottas (Alfa Romeo) ~


Formula 1 and Netflix continue

We have just received the message that the Formula 1 series “Drive to survive” will be continued. Formula 1 and streaming provider Netflix have extended their contract by two more seasons (numbers five and six). The fifth season is recorded in the 2022 season and will be released in the spring of 2023.

The format “Drive to survive” was first released in 2019 and has brought many new fans to Formula 1, especially in North America, but not only there. Season four of the 2021 season has achieved the greatest reach to date and, according to Formula 1 information, has reached the top 10 list on Netflix in ten countries.


The somewhat different helmet design for Miami

That was already a topic today: Some riders came up with a special helmet design for the first Miami Grand Prix. Take a look at this photo gallery, we have collected some pictures!

Photo gallery: Special Formula 1 helmet designs for the Miami race


More impressions of the place from Miami

Our photo gallery of the Formula 1 race in Miami is filling up. In the meantime, we have added other current motives, including the first drivers on the track hike on the new route. And as the evening progresses (and the next few days), of course, more and more recordings are added. So it’s worth checking in regularly!

Photos: F1: Miami (USA) Grand Prix 2022, pre-events

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