Eintracht Frankfurt: 800 West Ham fans in the station district

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At the end of Eintracht Frankfurt’s match against West Ham United, fans of both clubs clashed in the city center.

Update from Thursday 5 May at 14.15: This year’s previous match for Eintracht Frankfurt is approaching: On Thursday (May 5), SGE will play West Ham United for a place in the Europa League final. The meeting already cast its shadow on Wednesday – also on the streets of Frankfurt. A total of 30 people were arrested.

But what happened? Frankfurt police spoke of “violent-seeking supporters of both clubs” who were fighting or planning to fight each other in the urban area. As early as Wednesday afternoon, investigators had registered up to 1,000 West Ham United fans in the urban area, including so-called risk fans. The rival fan groups from England and Eintracht Frankfurt continued to search for violent clashes, which the police, however, largely prevented, especially in the station district. Elsewhere, however, things became tangible. According to officials, a group of SGE supporters attacked around noon. 18.40 Wednesday night guest fans on Schulstrasse and knocked two of them unconscious. They had to be hospitalized as inpatients.

Eintracht Frankfurt: West Ham United fans want to march in the station district

The most violent scenes before Eintracht Frankfurt’s match against West Ham United in the Europa League took place around 21:30 on Taubenstrasse. Here, “a large group of violent criminals who apparently belonged to the supporters of Eintracht Frankfurt”, according to police, tried to attack English fans in a pub. Among other things, a baseball bat was used. The inventory of the gastronomy was smashed. A bar employee also sustained minor injuries. Police immediately searched for the fugitives and were able to find and control two groups of people on Schaumainkai and on Eiserner Steg. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. After the identity was confirmed, the persons received appropriate location references, “said Frankfurt police.

A large number of police officers were on duty in the Bahnhofsviertel the night before Eintracht Frankfurt’s match against West Ham United. © 5vision.media

According to police, the crowd of English fans was concentrated in Munich Street in the evening hours. An estimated 800 guest fans were to be found here, including about 150 “risk fans”, according to the investigating authorities. Münchner Strasse in Frankfurt had to be closed to both road and rail traffic due to the congestion. Police prevented West Ham fans from marching through the station area.

After a potentially major altercation on Gutleutstrasse was stopped, the situation calmed down around midnight. On Thursday – around the second match between SGE and West Ham United – the police in Frankfurt are on alert.

West Ham fans in Frankfurt on the road – tram failure due to police action

First report from Wednesday, May 4 at. 22:46: The night before the decision in the Europa League, the mood is slowly warming up in Frankfurt. As Frankfurt police confirmed on the issue, several fans of opponents West Ham United were out walking the pubs and bars of the Main metropolis on Wednesday (May 4). The security forces on their side show a massive presence, as announced.

Pictures show, for example, a crowd of people in front of “O’Reilly’s”, an Irish pub in the station district. Around Frankfurt Central Station, there are also errors in tram traffic in the evenings. Particularly affected are lines 11, 12 and 14. Background according to the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt (VGF): The ongoing police action.

Police officers secure the situation in Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel.  Due to the upcoming Eintracht semi-final, several English football fans will be there on Wednesday night (May 4).
Police officers secure the situation in Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel. Due to the upcoming Eintracht semi-final, several English football fans will be there on Wednesday night (May 4). © 5vision.media

Eintracht Frankfurt: Games cast shadows ahead – just throwing a bottle as an eye-catching move

A police spokesman confirmed that an English football fan was hit by a bottle thrown at the main train station and suffered minor injuries. Suspected thrower: A supporter of the Eintracht Frankfurt, who then towered up. Otherwise, so far there have been no major strife or clashes between the fan camps.

According to police, the presence of the English football fans at the moment is mainly reflected in their volume – “expressions of displeasure” from both sides can not be ruled out. So far, nothing is known from Frankfurt about more serious incidents such as Wednesday night (May 4), when hooded Eintracht fans were supposed to have attacked tourists from the West Ham camp. (ag)

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