Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk – Yoga class dances pogo

War is not the place for good manners. “In war it is customary to use every advantage,” Shakespeare has the Earl of Norththumberland in his royal drama Henry VI. to say. Andriy Melnyk, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany since 2015, seems to have taken the advice to heart. Whenever he can – and Melnyk can remarkably often these days – the 46-year-old diplomat rumbles against local politics. His Twitter account, with more than 119,000 followers, has long since become a dictionary of derogations and insults.

In times of peace, this behavior of an accredited expertise would be unthinkable. But in times like these? Who can blame the warring ambassador? In war and in love, everything is fair. But the world has remarkably little love these days. So let’s just stick to the war. It not only changed Andriy Melnyk, the once smart diplomat with the sonorous voice and gray temples, in a lasting way. Also in his host country Germany, there seems to have been a real change of mentality since Putin’s illegal attack on Ukraine just over ten weeks ago.

A cultural proxy war

If people here have recently behaved so unbearably submissive, even downright timid and well-behaved, the German Michel seems to have drawn the Ukrainian envoy into a kind of cultural liberation war at least since February 24, the day of the Russian attack on its western neighbor. : This is the representatively fought battle “Those up there against us down here”, the revolution of the fickle German hearts. In this one, the bubbly Ambassador Andriy Melnyk is allowed to get away with almost any tic and every torte that will definitely be banned from us forever.

Because we admit Andrij Melnyk all the atrocities that we no longer dared dream of in our almost endless attention. He is free to call scientists “assholes”, to compare presidents to insidious creatures and even occasionally swear at chancellors. With this new type of Götz von Berlichingen, the entire undergrowth of our destructive drives begins to slip. In a well-sewn gray tailored suit, the clear edge preaches, where until yesterday we were only capable of dull correctness. He seeks the offense where we ourselves could only produce kitsch and sentimentality.

The carnival of the spirit of the times

As a long-awaited and outraged savior, he therefore appears in the long-standing evening entertainment from Lanz to Maybrit Illner. It is almost as if we had only really learned to feel ourselves again in the media character Andriy Melnyk – just like then with Klaus Kinski in his primary role as Jesus Christ the Redeemer. And best of all: The drive-away that the diplomat performs on behalf of all of us in talk shows and in public appearances is in the name of overall goals and higher values. It is a kind of carnival for the awakening spirit of the times. To really let it all out again – if nothing else in the outrageous statement that “all Russians are our enemies” (ie Melnyk in an interview with the newspaper in early April). FAZ). Feeling catharsis again, even though it’s only Tuesday with Sandra Maischberger after daily topics.

So it is only superficially annoying that the Lviv-born lawyer Andriy Melnyk with his obvious insults is currently meeting some resistance, especially in the green environment. Where the “combat diplomat” (The time) strikes, even the yoga class has begun pogo dancing. For example, when Johannes Varwick, political scientist and former president of the Society for Security Policy, in March called for the war in Ukraine not to be artificially prolonged, Melnyk summarily scolded him on Twitter “a real scar …”. When former Brigadier General Erich Vad suggested in April that it was better to think about the end of the Ukraine war, Melnyk called him a “real loser”. And when Fabio di Masi (Die Linke) pointed out the extreme right-wing background of the Azov Regiment, Melnyk strongly called for the “red trap” to be shut up.

War seeks advantage

Objections, however, were rare. Especially not from the Greens, who once tried to promote non-violent communication. Anyone, such as Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) or Düsseldorf’s former mayor Thomas Geisel (SPD), wanted to call the diplomat reasonable, or even reminded him that diplomatic status is not only an international custom, but also the Vienna Convention. consular connections, were crushed in no time at all in the media and morally.

At least verbally, the war zone is being moved more and more into the civilian zone. You will not even blame Andriy Melnyk for that. As said: In war, it is not only according to Shakespeare’s custom to use every advantage. But we are not at war. So instead of secretly clapping, as the Ukrainian ambassador, as he recently told dpacalling the German Chancellor an “offended liver sausage” or even asking dockworkers from Rostock not to unload a Russian tanker, we should rather ask ourselves what dark passions Melnick’s outbursts of anger arouse in us.

Anyone who is seriously asking about Germany’s future role in Europe should first and foremost have the courage to put foreign interest groups in their place.

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