The best missed rookie signings in 2022

The draft is behind us and immediately after, the storm started on the players who had fallen through the grid – for whatever reason. Here you can find out who you need to pay special attention to in the coming months.

Basically, there’s no shame in not being one of the 262 NFL draft picks this year. Even then, a college student’s dream of joining the NFL does not have to be over. Every year, there are countless examples of players who, despite not being considered in the draft, still found luck and in some cases even had great careers.

A very positive example is cornerback JC Jackson, who after four years in New England has now signed with the Los Angeles Chargers for more than $ 80 million.

There are many reasons why teams did not want to pick a player in the draft, but they are very interested in him as an exhausted rookie-free agent. It can be a special injury story, but also a difficult situation off the field.

In any case, the risk of such obligations is limited because UDFA’s contracts are not normally guaranteed, only the manageable signature bonus, which is usually less than a million dollars, would exist in the event of a dismissal before the start of the season. Contracts from even later draft picks, on the other hand, are at least partially guaranteed, putting teams at greater risk.

Here’s what we think are the best UDFA signings this offseason:

NFL: The best UDFA signings in 2022

Carson Strong, quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles

The example of Carson Strong, who was guaranteed $ 300,000 by the Eagles – including a $ 20,000 signing bonus, shows that UDFA contracts can certainly include guarantees.

The former Nevada Wolf Pack QB is considered one of the closest quarterbacks to the NFL in this year’s draft class. He is a classic pocket watchmaker with a very strong arm and sophisticated technique. He has always shown good instincts and a good feeling in his pocket. His timing is also very nice.

So why was he not appointed? This was apparently due to his injury history as he is apparently struggling with a long-term knee injury that has already limited him in the pre-draft process.

But even with one of the highest guarantees ever for a UDFA, the risk for the Eagles is limited. They like to have a bigger QB space in themselves and now have two backups behind starter Jalen Hurts with Gardner Minshew and Strong that you can probably throw in without hesitation if the situation calls for it.

JoJo Domann, linebacker, Indianapolis Colts

Domann was one of the players we had on our list of most interesting prospects who went in on day three of the draft. The fact that he escaped completely may have something to do with his age – he turns 25 at the start of the season – and several injury problems throughout his collegiate career.

Domann is a modern linebacker who can be an asset, especially in the field of passing coverage. His movements are fluid and he usually makes good decisions when he falls into coverage.

What also speaks for him is that the Colts have not done anything in the linebacker area so far in the offseason. Other than superstar Darius Leonard, no one has really established himself as the successor to Anthony Walker, who moved to Cleveland in 2021. So Domann could well have his right to exist.

Justyn Ross, WR, Kansas City Chiefs

Is he possibly the UDFA with the biggest upside in this class? Ross hinted at his great potential in his first two seasons with Clemson, but then missed the 2020 season after back surgery.

His comeback in 2021 was pretty mixed, but given how serious the injury was at the time, no one was surprised. Another year after the operation, there is hope that he will get back on track.

In any case, the systems clearly speak for him – Ross measures 1.93 meters and weighs about 93 kilos – as a starting point, he has guard standards for an X-receiver, of which there are not too many good ones in the NFL. His route race has room for improvement, but he has very stable hands, which is a solid foundation.

At Chiefs, he gets into a situation where almost nothing is carved in stone in the WR position anyway. This year one after Tyreek Hill is very open there, so Ross will also have a chance to excel over the summer.

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