St. Pauli conjures up a chance against Schalke despite Corona

FC St. Pauli defies all odds and sends conflicting messages to Schalke 04 before the next promotion duel on Saturday despite the corona wave on the team and will certainly want to compete. After the bad news of recent days, there are encouraging signals.

Good news is not only welcome in the current brown-and-white state of emergency – it is really longed for. And so what has been routinely noted for several months is now recognized with great relief and genuine joy: there were no positive corona tests on Tuesday.

Negative is positive! It has never been more true than it is now. There is no guarantee that the corona wave has stopped in the team, but two days in a row without new infection gives hope.

St. Pauli: Hartel back in training

This also applies to Marcel Hartel’s return to the training ground. The midfielder, who was one of the 13 missing players the day before, was back on the field and is therefore not one of the ten confirmed cases of Corona so far, which with the exception of Philipp Ziereis, who tested positive on Friday, is not named by the club.

Sports director Andreas Bornemann made it clear on Tuesday that St. Pauli wants to play in Schalke. “At this time, we see no reason to apply to the DFL to cancel the game.” On the one hand, St. Pauli currently enough players available in accordance with the Corona rules in the rules of the game. On the other hand, a transfer is not the goal at all. “We do not want to play matches, so we do not have to compete. We also do not want to melt into self-pity, but want to put together a good, competitive team if possible.”

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In addition to the DFL, Bremen, Darmstadt and HSV are also dependent on it. Kiezklubben hopes that players who are positive right now can test themselves out of isolation after seven days and take part in the penultimate match of the season. The best chances are currently with Ziereis, but also with the other nine professionals whose PCR test was positive on Sunday after several conspicuous rapid tests on Saturday.

For example, anyone who already had the first symptoms on Friday or Saturday could at best be released from quarantine by the responsible health department in the Mitte district next Thursday or Friday according to the current corona rules in Hamburg – including a subsequent cardiological examination by the team doctors. In this way, the players could still get into the squad for Schalke.

Bornemann: Take no risks

“We are sure it will succeed, but there are no guarantees,” says Bornemann. The health of the players always comes first. “With all our ambition and our own ambitions to still be able to do it, we will not risk anything.”

This also applies to everyday training. The currently healthy players test themselves every morning when they get up, drive already changed to training, are tested again before entering the field and take a shower at home after training.

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In return, the infected professionals are visited and tested daily by the medical department to track the course of the infection.

After falling to fifth place in the table with three points after a direct promotion and relegation place, St. Pauli at Schalke after the drop.

“We aim to play a good match there, and there is no reason to feel sorry for ourselves now,” Bornemann explains, saying almost prayerfully: “The game is a huge opportunity for the team and for each individual to be able to show up at a sold-out stadium on Saturday night, to compete and to prevent the free beer tap from going up in the arena after the match and everyone hugging each other and cheering. ” .

No one knows what this group will look like. The team nomination will be a time and trial game.

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