Schott coach: “We did more right than wrong”

Mainzer Sascha Meeth looks positive despite relegation +++ Müller, Kern and Schlosser become +++ twice more against Pirmasens

Mainz. TSV Schott Mainz formulated three goals this winter. Staying up in the regional league was explicitly not one of them. Well the cup final and 30 points plus an orderly transition, it had coach Sascha Meeth in mind, who passes to Aydin Ay for the new round – then there is, as much has been determined since Saturday, in the Oberliga. The game-free Mainz followed the relegation at home. The choke effect was limited, it started in mid-April at 1: 3 in Walldorf when the end became inevitable.

Injuries followed throughout the season

TSV is in the cup final on May 21, the start time is still open. Just like in the away match this Saturday (14.00) it is against FK Pirmasens. It is already clear that five men are missing. Silas Schwarz is suspended, Kennet Hanner Lopez, Lars Hermann, Leon Kern and Birkan Celik are injured. Reflecting a season where Meeth was actually never able to fall back on his best formation. In part, the players’ injury history led to them ending up at TSV and not in other spheres. The load is also an issue, 52 competitive matches in 2021 were the program for a Champions League finalist.

And unlike many of their league colleagues, the Mainzers spend their time before training in the lecture hall and the job instead of in the massage room and gym. For Meeth, these two factors that can hardly be affected, accidents with injuries and the general conditions, are also the main reasons for the relegation of budget underdogs. “In some games, we did not get 100 percent on the field,” the head coach admits. In the winter, the TSV league was at the bottom in terms of taking advantage of great opportunities, since the balance has largely not improved. Again and again, individual errors clouded the actually good defensive performance, now and then Meeth missed the last bite. All also consequences of stress and everyday amateur life.

“We did more right than wrong,” the 47-year-old says, “we played a good season, developed and would have been able to keep the class with a full squad.” It would not have been a mistake to invest in a mower – but no one could have guessed the injury-related storminess. The winter transfers of Alexander Rimoldi and Rei Okada went well. “They had a different ignition than the summer additions, but they were also in rhythm,” Meeth says. Only goalkeeper Jonas Weyand turned out to be a reinforcement among those required to start the round, with substitute Tim Hansen showing he would not necessarily have made it worse. Meeth refers to the financial restrictions and the lack of opportunities to observe players due to Corona.

TSV has always thrown everything in balance

Meeth himself does not address the subject of judges and calls the facet a “marginal aspect”. And says: “It is certainly our belief that the whistles have not compensated for this season.” The Schott coach, who was eloquent and matter-of-fact before and after the final whistle, sometimes jumps out of the skin during matches. Did this lead to a disadvantage in the 50:50 scenes over time? It would have been better, Meeth says, to swallow the indignation in some situations. “But I am convinced that the referees are conducting the matches objectively.”

There were plenty of relapses and words of appreciation for TSV’s performance after the derby against 05 II (0: 0). Evidence of the remarkable footballing and individual development of the collective and many individual players, the sophisticated and precisely implemented, variable tactics, the attractive style of play. TSV threw everything that was possible and justifiable into the balance sheet and should not blame itself after this relegation. “It’s important for us not to be last,” Meeth emphasizes.

Team planning is already in full swing

As for the goal of an orderly transition, player talks are in full swing. After Silas Schwarz, Dominik Ahlbach, Lars Hermann, Manuel Schneider and Christian Hahn, Tim Müller, Leon Kern and Nicklas Schlosser have also confirmed. In addition to Sky-Milton Bohne, Dorian Cucchiara and Anes Abdiovski will also be taken over from the youth. B-class goal machine Tim Zimmermann has been confirmed as a new signature, others follow, but priority for sports director Bernd Bangel is the existing squad.

Loans Weyand (FCK) and Alexander Rimoldi (TuS Marienborn) return to their home clubs. Giorgio Del Vecchio, Birkan Celik, Hüseyin Bakirsu and Sho Sannomiya have shown interest in playing at a higher level. For some veterans, the question of the end of their careers in space is the club would like to keep their longtime players. It is clear that fitness coach Radoslav Radev and team manager veteran Klaus Bauer will remain loyal to TSV.

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