Rise: A homemade basketball adventure in Leitershofen

In the 2nd Bundesliga Pro B, BG Leitershofen / Stadtbergen is primarily dependent on basketball players from their own youth or students.

Stadtbergen’s mayor Paul Metz probably had a sore neck the next day. The mayor, who was not more than 1.70 meters tall, had to look up at every player from BG Leitershofen / Stadtbergen, which he congratulated. But Metz did not let any of the sweaty basketball players who just won the big playoff final against MTSV Schwabing 71:68 to win the championship in the 1st regional league and advance to the 2nd Bundesliga Pro B, have managed to personally congratulate.

Jannik Westermeir cuts the net from the basket

Photo: Marcus Merk

Immediately after the last siren, the jubilation in the madhouse in the Stadtberg sports hall knew no bounds. Over 1,100 fans who had panicked supporting the team for 40 minutes were over the moon and storming the pitch.

Jannik Westermeir stands for BG Leitershofens vej

Robert Bayerer, the game manager for the Southeast Regional League, handed over not only the championship trophy but also a pocket knife to Jannik Westermeir, so the 19-year-old, whom coach Emanuel Richter described as the best point guard in the league, was able to cut the net off the basket , just as in basketball great triumphs are common. Westermeir, who comes from a basketball family in Meitingen, is responsible for the philosophy of BG Leitershofen / Stadtbergen, which was formed in 1994 from the basketball departments of TSV Leitershofen and TSG Stadtbergen.

With local players like Max Uhlich, Lewis Londene, Niklas Moosrainer coming from their own youth, and students living in Augsburg and the surrounding area, they want to get involved in a higher league. As Valentin Limmer, another young player from the baramundi basketball academy training center, is about to jump, the junior variant was also selected for the 2nd league, with three local players on the field and 1,000 euros in a training fund for each foreigner to be. transferred to the league. As in the 1st regional league, only one player from a non-EU country is allowed.

BG captain Dominik Veney stops

“We want to put together a good team,” promises coach Emanuel Richter, 35, who now watches countless videos. He must do without an important player: Captain Dominik Veney (34), who made the decision in this last thriller against Schwabing, played his last match.

Dominik Veney led BG as captain to promotion.

Photo: Marcus Merk

Power Forward was in use by the kangaroos for 14 years. His jersey with number 22 will no longer be handed out in the future. “This success did not fall from the sky,” said Andreas Moser, CEO of Kangaroos Basketball GmbH, in which the first men’s team’s game was separated in 2012. It was crucial that everyone on the team accepted the role award.

There will be some changes in the coming season. Not only on the team, where you primarily trust the promotion team and the American Teathloach Pal, but also on the environment. “We need to bring in more professionalism,” Moser says. The league management requires a full-time administrative employee and youth coach. “It provides about 50,000 euros in salary,” explains the CEO. With significantly higher travel costs to the Rhine-Main area and higher judicial costs, the budget can increase to around 150,000 to 200,000 euros.

BG Leistershofen played in the Augburg sports hall ten years ago

All this is known at BG Leitershofen / Stadtbergen. About ten years ago, the basket hunters from the outskirts of Augsburg got a taste of the air in the 2. Bundesliga Pro A. Due to a lack of hall, they then had to move to Augsburg’s sports hall. Since 2015, everything has been ready in Stadtbergen. There can be a maximum of 1,500 spectators in the new venue. The spectator numbers of recent weeks have shown that Stadtbergen is an attractive place for basketball.

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