Proud people from Munich fail in FC Barcelona (

FC Barcelona’s favorites around Brandon Davies (left) had big problems against Munich with Augustine Rubit.

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In the fourth quarter, there was hope that the sensation could still succeed. Eventually, however, everyone looked down – from FC Bayern’s basketball players as well as from their followers at a public display at a club in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel. The initially big disappointment over the 72:81 defeat to the title favorites FC Barcelona and the lack of entry of a German club in the Final Four of the Euroleague for the first time was quickly mixed with the feeling of having achieved a lot. In any case, the FC Bayern team in Barcelona’s Palau Blaugrana hall, located right next to the famous football stadium Camp Nou, spoke a lot of pride after forcing the winner of the main round into the fifth and all-important match in this quarter. final series, which they lost 3-2, and made him strong there again to have challenged.

“I’ve never been as proud of my players as I am today,” said Munich coach Andrea Trinchieri. so far How it went. “Bayern CEO Marco Pesic praised the” great performance in the first half “and said despite all the disappointment at the end:” You can only have a lot of respect for the boys. “And Ognjen Jaramaz, with 17 points, the Munich’s second-best pitcher behind Othello Hunter with 18 points, acknowledged: “Third quarter was the tight spot.”

In fact, Munich had lost the match in the third period, which Barcelona clearly dominated with the whole class 29:15. In all other quarters, however, Bayern were at least equal to the top favorites. And that is despite the lack of injured top players Corey Walden and Darrun Hilliard. After a bad start to the match, the Munich team went from 4: 9 to 15: 9 with an 11: 0 race. They won the first quarter 19:18, the second 18:13. And even in the last quarter, which they lost by just one point, they once again stood up against Barça. But they could not compensate for the deficit caused by the clearly lost third quarter.

Before the game, Trinchieri had talked about a journey into the “shark’s jaw”, Pesic used the metaphor of a probable “root canal treatment without anesthesia”. But then it was the people of Munich who tormented the shark or the dentist for a long time. Because it was a close quarter-final and the sensation was within the realm of opportunity, Pesic said, despite all the praise for the team’s character: “We are hugely disappointed because we did not reach it again.” Last season, Munich had for the first time and as the first German team reached the playoffs in the Euroleague. At that time, they were also eliminated in Olimpia Milan after a 2-3 in the best-of-5 series. They lost the decisive fifth match 89:92. Now they had achieved the next news in the quarter-final against Barcelona, ​​when they won the second match against the Catalans spectacularly 90:75. It was their first away win in the Euroleague playoffs.

The people of Munich seem to be getting a little closer to their goals every year and they are even ahead of their plans. They have “outperformed” for the past two years, Pesic said before the fifth match in Barcelona. Club president Herbert Hainer described it as “madness” if Trinchieri’s team reached the Final Four in Belgrade from 19 to 21 May. This was missed, but Bayern supported their ambitions to become Europe’s best basketball player in the medium to long term.

Their new arena, which is scheduled to open in the Olympic Park in the autumn of 2023, should make a significant contribution to this. In addition to the Bavarian basketball players, the EHC Munich ice hockey team will also play there and enjoy the benefits of the ultra-modern multi-hall with its 11,500 spectator seats. Honorary President of Bavaria Uli Hoeneß recently said that “much more can be done with the new hall because of the approximately 5,000 seats more than the current venue.” I expect a real boost, apart from having completely different economic opportunities . ” The footballers also took “a huge step” after moving to the new arena in 2005.

Basketball players should be able to do the same. Sportingly, they were already close to Barcelona. “They played an incredible season,” Trinchieri praised his players. But this season is only over for them in the Euroleague. In the Bundesliga, the match continues on Friday in Ulm before the other main round matches against Göttingen on Sunday and Alba Berlin on Tuesday. This is followed by the play-offs for the championship title for Bayern.

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