Only staying up counts – tennis

This weekend, the top and district league teams start the tennis tournament / Difficult tasks for the teams from the region.

(tmm / rfu). The tennis teams in the upper league and the district league are busy. Six weeks before the starting shot is fired in the Baden League, the championship in the leagues below begins. What are the expectations of the teams from Oberweier, Lahr and Ettenheim?

TC BW Oberweier II

There are several familiar faces in the Oberliga squad for men II at TC BW Oberweier. For players like Bastian Bross and Philipp Bauer, who will also play in the second Bundesliga from this summer, the second team is right now the basis for finding combat training and form through appearances against good opponents. Stevan Popovic, Gregorio Cordonnier (Colombia) and Paul Gogonea (Romania) also contribute the experience factor. In addition, there are young professionals like Jean-Luc Gassmann and Tyler Schmidt who need to take the next development steps. Even younger is David Slavcev (Bulgaria), to whom the future could belong. Head coach Oliver Killeweit therefore says: “We are aiming for a safe place in midfield again.” Four of the seven meetings are scheduled before Pentecost. During this period, the decisive course should be set for the placement in the eight-team field. The Oberweier team starts on Sunday (11.00) against TC BW Villingen.

Team: 1. Bastian Bross; 2. Stevan Popovic; 3. Gregorio Cordonnier; 4. Philip Bauer; 5. Jean Luc Gassmann; 6. Tyler Smith; 7. Paul Gogonea; 8.David Slavcev; 9. Yannis Fabri.

TC BW Oberweier II, women

From Sunday, the Badenliga reserve for TC BW Oberweier will pursue the clear goal of the season: to move as quickly as possible away from the relegation line in the first district league. Backing for the first team, while being a reservoir and development opportunity for young talents – that has been the task for women II for years. “We have a couple of new, young faces in the squad who will be used accordingly,” said coach Oliver Killeweit. Relegation as soon as possible is the first step at the start of the round, “it’s important to get it started in the first meetings,” Killeweit says. Then you can trade more varied with regard to the set-up. Depending on the results, the team should not set any upper limits. “We’re not talking about promotion. It would be nice to play at the top,” Killeweit said. Oberweier starts on Sunday (9.30) at the newly promoted TC Mundingen.

Team: 1. Stefanie Killeweit; 2. Anna-Lena Singler; 3. Katia Viera Erbach; 4.Evelyn Steinbach; Lorena Eckert; 6.Marie Siefert; 7.Daniela Holzenthaler; 8. Mara Himmelsbach; 9. Anouk Huber; 10. Laura Gtz; 11. Alina Wunderlich.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen II

The men II from TSG Lahr / Emmendingen, who serve in the district league, will be confronted with a new starting position at the beginning of the new season. In recent years, it was primarily about staying up in the league, which was usually achieved quite late. But when the match starts against Freiburg TC II on Sunday (9.30 in the morning), coach Hernan Valenzuela can do things differently. “We can strengthen the squad on the second team from the extended squad on the first team because the Baden League does not start until after Pentecost,” said Valenzuela. One or two players must have the opportunity to prepare for the Badenliga against good opponents in the top positions. “You can warm up the engine to find the shape as quickly as possible.” In light of the increased staff, TSG should continue to climb up the rankings. “Especially in the four games leading up to Pentecost, it’s a matter of scoring points to quickly get rid of all your worries,” the coach said. He counts Ettenheim, Bohlsbach, Schnberg and Schallstadt-Wolfenweiler among the strongest teams.

Team: 1. Miguel Valenzuela; 2. Stefan Kiesenhofer; 3. Adrian Sexauer; 4. Mark Trenkle; 5. Simon Shepherd; 6. Dominik Siegel; 7. Luke Hoffrichter; 8.Kevin Gaess; 9. Daniel Bender.

TSG Lahr / Emmendingen, women

The women in TSG Lahr / Emmendingen start the new season of the first district league on Sunday (9.30) at TF Mnstertal. Coach Hernan Valenzuela can draw on a proven mix of experience and youthful reluctance in the squad. “The goal is to gradually integrate our junior staff. Especially our very young players must be able to learn and benefit from the more experienced,” says the head coach. It is difficult to say where the TSG team ranks in the standings. “Ettenheim, Oberweier and their opponents Mnstertal are capable of strong performances,” explains Valenzuela.

Team: 1. Klara little tailor; 2. Rebecca Schneider; 3. Santina Wischeropp; 4. Sara Nbling; 5. Melissa Sexauer; 6. Giuliana Baer; 7. Anna Bacon.

TC Ettenheim

The TCE men start with an almost unchanged squad in the first district league. When there were no relegations last year due to the pandemic, the number of teams increased to nine. Therefore, they in Ettenheim are happy to be able to fall back on a fairly large squad. The goal of TCE is to have nothing to do with the descent early. Ettenheimers have their first chance to score on Sunday (9.30) against the Oberliga reserve in Freiburg TC. With player-coach Maxim Sosnovski at the top, but without top player Thomas Stec, you can expect an exciting match against a strong opponent.

Team: 1. Thibaut Leonet, 2. Maxim Sosnovski, 3. Thomas Stec, 4. Victor Louis, 5. Sebastian Schaller, 6. Matthias Siber, 7. Andreas Vogel, 8. Yannik Hoppstdter, 9. Jean-Philippe Louis, 10. Julian the garden

TC Ettenheim, women

The women’s team in TC Ettenheim is in the first district league before a difficult sports season. Four regular players are not available for the entire season, so the youngsters are particularly challenged. The four top players Kerstin Schwandernmann (after knee surgery), Sabine Knobel (pregnancy), Klara Formanov (after surgery) and Karolina Horeijsi (due to studies), who cannot be replaced, will be absent. The goal of staying up this season will therefore not be easy to achieve this year. The experienced Petra Furtwngler could possibly be used in one or the other game. The start for the Ettenheim women in the Medenrunde is on Sunday 9.30 against promoted TSG Renchen / Rammersweier.

Team: 1. Petra Furtwngler, 2. Maike Krmer, 3. Lena Kbele, 4. Nicole Bhrer, 5. Andrea Krumm, 6. Hannah Wasmer, 7. Milena Sosnovsky, 8. Leonie Wasmut, 9. Linda Wolters.

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