NFL: Games in Germany – Tampa Bay Buccaneers host Seattle Seahawks in Munich

Now it’s official! The first game in the NFL on German soil will be played between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks. In addition, the NFL announced the exact date and the other pairings of the NFL International Games 2022.

German football fans can mark November 13, 2022 with red in their calendars, because then they get Tampa Bay Buccaneers around Quarterback legend Tom Brady officially as the home team Seattle Seahawks in Munich Allianz Arena, home of the German football champion FC Bayern. Kick-off is at 15.30 German time.

“We are pleased to now be able to announce the details of the first regular NFL game in Germany,” said Alexander Steinforth, NFL general manager for Germany. “Fans in Germany will have the unique opportunity to see two of the most popular and successful NFL teams in recent years. For the huge Seahawks fan base in Germany, this announcement is a very special news today. FC Bayern’s impressive Allianz Arena offers the perfect backdrop. This game will definitely be remembered. “

This meeting is ultimately the fourth of five games outside the United States in the NFL schedule for the 2022 season. The NFL will then announce the full game schedule next week on May 12th.

NFL: International Games – Three times London, Munich and Mexico

The international games start in early October. They start New Orleans Saints Vs. Minnesota Vikings in Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at White Hart Lane in London / England on 2 October.

Only a week later, on October 9, there is a prestige duel between the two Green Bay Packers and superstar QB Aaron Rodgers and the New York Giants. This match will also be played at Spurs’ home ground. Both matches take place at. 15:30 (CEST), Europe-friendly time.

On October 30, the NFL returns to London one last time for 2022, but this time Wembley Stadium. that Jacksonville Jaguars then meet with her young Trevor Lawrence to another superstar among passers-by – Russell Wilsonthere with his new team Denver Broncos will arrive. Kick-off is then at 14:30 CET.

On November 13, the NFL entourage, as mentioned in Munich, stops for the first time with the Buccaneers and Seahawks, before returning to America, where they Arizona Cardinals that San Francisco 49ers in the famous Mexico City Aztec Stadium receive. This is even a Monday Night Game on the night of November 22 from 6 p.m.

NFL: International Games 2022 at a Glance

Week date time Location meeting 4
4 Sunday, October 2nd 15.30 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London New Orleans Saints vs. Minnesota Vikings
5 Sunday, October 9th 15.30 Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants
8 Sunday, October 30th 14.30 Wembley Stadium, London Jacksonville Jaguars vs. San Francisco 49ers
10 Sunday, November 13th 15.30 Allianz Arena, Munich Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Seattle Seahawks
11 Tuesday, November 22nd 2.15 in the morning Aztec Stadium, Mexico City Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers

NFL match in Germany: tickets, tickets

The big question remains: What about the tickets? How and where do you get tickets to be a part of it?

The NFL is asking anyone interested in tickets to fill out an online form. Here you come to the corresponding website. To finally get tickets, you have to be very lucky, because the demand is huge and extends far beyond the seats that the Allianz Arena in Munich offers.

Advance sales are scheduled to begin in June / July, but it is still unclear how exactly the allotment will take place.

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