Midwifery practice in Leisnig provides insight into yoga and baby massage

Red yoga mats are lying on the floor in the attic of Ringstraße 18-20. Five pregnant women looked at Diana Fischer. “Jumping into the butterfly exercise trains the pelvis,” the midwife explains as she slaps her knees.

Carolin Lorenz (left) will have her baby in August. One midwife takes care of three to four mothers per. month of birth in Leisnig. Here, Diana Fischer shows the butterfly exercise to stabilize the pelvic floor.
Source: Sven Bartsch

On Midwifery Day, Jenny Helbig (40) and Diana Fischer (48) open their midwifery practice and provide an insight into what they have to offer. The two women have known each other since their time at the Helios Clinic in Leisnig. The delivery room, which was closed at the turn of the year from 2020 to 2021. “In the beginning, we had rooms on Muldenstrasse, but they were smaller. We have found the right thing for us here, ”says Jenny Helbig and points to the large room on the top floor on Ringstrasse. “Even though it’s on the fourth floor – and the mothers breathe a lot when they get up there, here’s a large room, free parking and more space that we can use differently,” says the mother of three.

In one of them, she has already turned up the heat and spread blankets out. Small massage oils are available. The first families with prams arrive. During the baby massage, the 40-year-old guides the parents and shows them various techniques. “This can be a wonderful evening ritual in the family, but it also helps the babies with colic,” explains the midwife.

Jenny Helbig shows Mama Romina how to massage Mika’s feet. Each baby responds differently to different massage points and techniques.
Source: Sven Bartsch

challenges at work

Being self-employed is nothing new for the two women. However, there are innovations in midwifery education. In the beginning of 2020, the midwifery education became an education. “We received an inquiry about an internship. We had already clarified all the organizational aspects, “says Jenny Helbig,” but you have to train to become a practical instructor, which includes 300 hours, “she rejects. Although constant further education is no stranger to the two, such extensive further education is not possible for the time being. “Unfortunately, this will stand in the way of this beautiful profession and many midwives, especially in smaller hospitals or in rural areas,” says Jenny Helbig.

Although no trainees are currently taking their first steps in the midwifery practice in Leisnig, there are other collaborators in the living rooms. The toddler group in AWO Döbeln meets here every Friday at 9.30, and a photographer also uses the premises. David Rieger has set up a small photo studio in the first room. In modern boho style, wool rugs lie on furniture with a strongly emphasized wooden structure, hats and shoes hang on a wardrobe.

Preparing for the birth is about more than just breathing properly

In addition to the special offers, such as the yoga group and baby massage, there are also courses in Leisnig that are covered by health insurance. In addition to home visits by midwives, this also includes maternity gymnastics and birth and family preparation. In addition to breathing exercises, there are mainly conversations. “Many partners, including partners, come to the courses with their wives,” says Diana Fischer, “a midwife follows them on the path from boyfriends to family”. To prepare the parents realistically, she talks a lot about the distribution of time in everyday life, about wishes.

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“This exchange is so important. Of course we can also offer online courses, but the on-site meeting is not interchangeable,” says Jenny Helbig, “it connects mothers with each other and gets them out of their homes, which is why we are so happy to could open rooms today The door opens again, another pregnant woman breathes louder as she climbs the stairs to the fourth floor.She is warmly welcomed by someone else – they know each other.They gather on the red yoga mats with the yellow crescent pillows and begins to chatter until the next introductory course begins in midwifery practice.

By Juliane Staretzek

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