Live in the ticker: Alexander Zverev against Marin Cilić in second round duel – start for German tennis star

Zverev would like to give his previously disappointing season a new boost and above all make Munich forget the defeat in the first round. There, the Hamburg player surprisingly failed against Holger Rune at the start of the tournament (3: 6, 2: 6).

He can already take the first step in this direction on Wednesday and put important accents in the showdown with Cilić.

The direct comparison clearly speaks for the German tennis star. Zverev won six of the previous seven duels. Cilić won only in the very first match against number three in the world (Washington 2015).

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The two have already faced each other twice on sand. Zverev held the lead in both Rome (2018) and Madrid (2017). Can he repeat this feat today?

The match between Alexander Zverev and Marin Cilić in the live ticker:


14:42 – Zverev – Cilic – 4: 6, 2: 1

Breakpoint for Zverev. And then Cilic’s backhand cross attaches to the edge of the net. 2: 1 to Zverev. Similar to the break in the first sentence, it was a small gift from the Croat to the German that Zverev could also use urgently. However, it is now also relatively windy, which at least partly explains the errors on both sides.

14:37 – Zverev – Cilic – 4: 6, 1: 1

Zverev looks very restless. As soon as he has to go over the second serve, Cilic goes on the offensive. It is therefore important that the German gets his service to 1-1 in the second set. The Croatian is currently the better player on the pitch.

14:27 – Zverev – Cilic – 4: 6

Cilic is braver, puts pressure and gets a set ball. And Zverev may still be lucky that the Croatian previously missed the chance for three set pieces with a serious foul. But the German does not benefit either. Because Zverev hits the double fault and loses the first set 4: 6.

14:22 – Zverev – Cilic – 4: 5

Zverev makes too many mistakes again in the current phase, though Cilic is forcing at least some of them with his serve. The German can not use a 15:30 from the perspective of his serving opponent. Cilic gets his game to 5: 4.

14:16 – Zverev – Cilic – 4: 4

Zverev tries with serve and volley on the net. But the volley is too out of place and Cilic turns the pass shot into a breakball. Then Zverev is again too far behind baseline and finally makes the mistake. Break Cilic to 4: 4.

14:08 – Zverev – Cilic – 4: 3

Zverev easily wins his service to 4: 2. And with a longline still touching the line, the German then gets another breakball. But Cilic fends it off with a strong stop. With a service winner on the game ball, he still shortens it to 3: 4.

13:59 – Zverev – Cilic – 3: 2

Two break chances for Zverev. And on the other, Cilic serves the double fault. It was a gift for the German and may have been very worthwhile considering what a good server Cilic is basically.

13:55 – Zverev – Cilic – 2: 2

As with his weak performance in Munich, the German has had problems with the forehand. Above all, too many mistakes cross into the initial phase. But with an ace, he still converts the cue ball to 2: 2.

13:52 – Zverev – Cilic – 1: 2

Cilic’s strength, the serve, comes very surely in the early stages. His service play therefore passes quickly. In principle, there are no more rallies. Zverev, on the other hand, is too far behind the baseline in his service game and plays passively and incorrectly. Two break chances for Cilic, but Zverev fends them off. It goes over the debut several times.

13:45 – Zverev – Cilic – 1: 1

The match begins with serve Cilic. The Croatian scores many direct points through service and easily wins the game. But Zverev also makes short work of it and equalizes at a speed of 1-1.

INFO – Zverev – Cilic

This is the eighth meeting between the two. In the previous seven duels, Zverev had success six times, including in both meetings on clay. Only in the first duel almost seven years ago in Washington did Cilic leave the field as the winner. However, there were always hard fought fights that went over either three sets or two very close sets.

INFO – Zverev – Cilic

Zverev looks back on a difficult season so far. Good results like the semi-finals in Monte Carlo or the finals in Montpellier alternate with big disappointments. Most recently, he failed in the first round at the home game in Munich against the Dane Holger Rune. As defending champion, there are many points at stake for the German in Madrid.

Zverev against Cilić in the ticker

Hello and welcome to the ATP Masters in Madrid. After a farewell in round two, Alexander Zverev meets Marin Cilić in his opening match. Eurosport accompanies the game for you here in the live ticker. Have fun!

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