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This interview got under your skin!

Lilly Becker (45) spoke on Tuesday night in the show “Piers Morgan Uncensored” by British TV host Piers Morgan (57) about the prison sentence for her husband and tennis legend Boris Becker (54).

The man from Leimen was sentenced in London on Friday to two years and six months in prison for delaying bankruptcy.

Lilly and Boris Becker married in 2009, but divorced after nine years. The affair resulted in the son Amadeus (12), who on Monday became aware of his father’s prison sentence.

In the touching interview with Piers Morgan, Lilly as a strong woman made it clear how much she supports her husband despite the separation in the most difficult phase of his life.

Lilly Becker talked about …

… Family situation: “I think it’s something personal for all of us. We are a big family. (…) We all hold now, his ex-wives, the kids and his current girlfriend Lillian. The first thing we all did was contact each other and talk. ”

Emotional interview: Piers Morgan talks to Lilly BeckerFoto: TalkTV

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Emotional interview: Piers Morgan talks to Lilly BeckerPhoto: TalkTV

… The reason for the interview: “It is difficult because everyone has an opinion about it. And rightly so. And I’m here to show everyone that strong women have his back and I’m not here to speak for him, but to protect him. “

… Her quarrel with Boris’ girlfriend Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro (33): “To this day, I’m super embarrassed. We’ll meet pretty soon, and I’d like to apologize to her face to face, to Lilian. She was the first to reach out to me and ask how Amadeus and I were doing. “I’ve thanked. We’re fine. Then I called Barbara and it was just such an unspoken thing, let’s get together and let’s protect this guy. The humiliation was enough for him!”

… Boris attraction: “He’s a great dad, a funny guy, honestly, and either you have that mood or you don’t. He has her. If you’ve met him, you know how charismatic he is. When you sit down with him and he’s telling a story, you just stick with him. He has those blue eyes and he’s just a charmer. “

Lilian was a great support to Boris and went to his trial hand in hand with him every dayFoto: Alastair Grant/AP

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Lilian was a great support to Boris and went to his trial hand in hand with him every dayPhoto: Alastair Grant / AP

Is Boris’ first days in prison: “Lilian told me he was fine. He’s fine! I mean, it’s clear this is not a five star hotel. You know he’s ashamed. You know he’s humiliated. The best way he can take now is to remain mentally strong and focused to get this part of the way. ”

… The moment the son Amadeus found out about the prison sentence: “I would not want anyone to tell a 12-year-old that his father is going to jail. That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. He just could not understand it and still can not. It’s crushing. my heart, but it has made me a mother lion because I think we have been through enough as a family. I ask for sympathy here. “

De Amadeus’ first visit to the prison: “He can not wait to see his father. I just told a 12-year-old that his father is in prison. The saddest thing was that I could not hold it back because the children go on the Internet, on YouTube. But he has a great environment around him that supports him. I told him we all make mistakes. “

Shortly before the prison sentence, Boris said goodbye to his son AmadeusFoto: .

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Shortly before the prison sentence, Boris said goodbye to his son AmadeusPhoto:.

… Judgments: “I think it’s too difficult. Should there be a penalty? In any case. Personally, of course, I am biased, I am part of the family, but I think two and a half years is too hard. “

… Her reaction after the verdict: “I was devastated. I could not believe what I heard, for I was convinced, until the verdict was handed down, that he would get less than two and a half years. I had to pull myself together and did not know how to do it. Somehow I made it. “

… her last words to Boris: “I told him we’ll see you next weekend if you want. That’s going to be fine. Then I sent him a heart. Of course I’d like to visit him soon with my son if Boris wants.”

Boris Becker has been in Wandsworth, the city’s second largest prison, since Friday. He is expected to be transferred to another prison with a lower level of security in the coming weeks or months. After serving a year and three months in prison, Becker is allowed to spend the rest of his time on probation.

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