How to train the muscle that makes beautiful arms without tools

hanging arms? No, not this summer! Do I need a fitness membership for this as they have all the necessary equipment? The answer is: no. We have put together triceps exercises without equipment that you can get started on today. There is something for all levels of training.

Triceps exercises without equipment: triceps dips

If you are a beginner, take the first level variation. Choose an exercise or level variation that allows you to do 8-12 repetitions correctly. Make 3 to 4 sets of these, resting 1 to 2 minutes between each repetition. After 5 to 10 training sessions, you can switch to the next level of difficulty. Before you start your workout, do a little warm-up with jogging on the spot, shoulder circles and arm rotations back and forth. And stock up on some muscle shirts to get a little bend this summer. Enjoy the workout!

Level 1 is suitable for beginners: dip on the floor

  1. Do this exercise on a flat surface. Sit with slightly bent knees and arms next to your body, palms on the floor, fingers pointing in the same direction as your feet.
  2. Now lift your butt off the floor as if preparing for a round of crab walking. That is, your knees are bent at a right angle, your arms are straight, your hips are in the air, as if you are forming a table from your knees to your shoulders. Hold your head as an extension of your spine, looking ahead.
  3. Now bend your elbows down as far as you can. Then push yourself up again. 8 to 12 repetitions. Do not change your knees, hips or shoulder position during the exercise, the movement is only in the elbows.

Step 2: If you did in the previous exercise player make more repetitions

Triceps Dips Level 3 Intensifies straight legs

  1. Go to your couch or a bench in the park, something so high that has a solid foothold.
  2. Sit down and grab the bench with your hands on either side of your body, placing your hands in a vertical line below your shoulders.
  3. Step your feet forward until they form a straight line from your knees to your hips to your shoulders.
  4. Bend your elbows and push yourself up again. 8-12 clean reps

Level 3: Intensification for advanced users

  1. Like Phase 2, you only need to straighten your legs.
  2. If you have to step further up, put one leg in the air. This level only applies if you can hold and perform the position safely and correctly.

Exercises for toned arms: diamond push-ups

Triceps exercises without equipment diamond push-ups level 2

Diamond push-ups, it sounds more adventurous than it actually is. Diamond refers to the placement of the palms on the floor while performing the exercise. In the classic push-up, your hands are placed at shoulder-width apart, below your shoulders. In this push-up variation, which is aimed at the triceps, the two thumbs and forefingers touch each other and form a diamond or diamond between them.

Level 1: Diamond push-up on the knees for beginners

  1. Prepare a folded towel to place under your knees. Down on your knees. Form a diamond formation with your hands as described above. Place your hands on the floor so that they are below the shoulder-to-shoulder line. Your arms are outstretched.
  2. Bend your knees back until your body forms a straight line from your knees, hips and shoulders. So do not stay in the lizard. Your head is an extension of your spine.
  3. Now do diamond push-ups this way by bending your elbows and going down, then use your triceps to push yourself up again. Your weight rests on your knees and hands. Do not let your hips sink if in doubt, then lift the bottom slightly.

Level 2: Intermediate trained

Dive Bomber Level 2 body tension version

  1. Lift your knees off the floor so your weight is on your feet and hands. Tighten your body and maintain the foot-to-head line throughout the number of repetitions. Do not let your hips fall.
  2. Do push-ups. Feet can be together, hip width apart or shoulder width apart.

Level 3: Advanced

  1. Step-up 1: Like step 2, lift only one leg in the air.
  2. Intensification 2: Lift your legs, eg on a bench.

Tricep exercises without equipment: dive bombs push-ups

Triceps dive bombs level 2 end position

This push-up variation comes from martial arts training and strengthens not only your triceps, but the entire front and shoulder and arm muscles including the triceps.

Level 1: Beginner

Triceps exercises without equipment Dive Bomber Level 1

  1. Sit in the child position, sitting on your calves with your chest on your knees. Your arms are outstretched in front of you, palms touching the floor. The hands are shoulder-width apart.
  2. Now tighten your body and, bend your elbows, slide your head and upper body as close to the floor as possible, between your two hands, to the end of the movement, where you push yourself up again with your arms.
  3. Start the next iteration from the Kinds position.

Level 2: Intermediate trained

Triceps without equipment Dive Bomber Level 2 starting position

  1. Start the push-up variation from the downward facing dog position, placing your hands and feet on the floor shoulder-width apart, facing downward, and forming an A-shape with your body. The bottom is the highest point.
  2. Now push your head and chest as close to the floor as possible by bending your elbows and pushing forward between your hands.

Step 3: Advanced leveling

  1. Intensification: Same as step 2, except that you alternately do the exercise on one leg.

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