Fitness bracelets from Honor, Samsung, Huawei and Co. at Stiftung Warentest

Fitness tracker in the test: How the Stiftung Warentest tests it

In the “test” issue 05/2022, Stiftung Warentest examined two new fitness trackers. In total, the testers tested 20 bracelets from previous tests.

The main criteria for determining the test grade were fitness functions (40 percent), handling (30 percent), and communication (15 percent). When it comes to fitness features, testers pay particular attention to the accuracy of heart rate, calorie consumption and route length. Other test areas were stability (5 percent), data protection (10 percent) and the content of pollutants.

The results of the fitness tracker test: Honor and Samsung on par

Two models shared first place with the grade “satisfactory (2.9)”. This is the new test winner

Honor Band 6 with the best handling in the test. Last year’s winner, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2, is extremely stable and convincing with an accurate calorie count. It’s in second place Fitbit Charge 4 with the grade “satisfactory (3.0)”. Huawei achieved third place with Volume 4 Pro and the grade “satisfactory (3.3)”.

The new test winner 2022: fitness tracker from Honor

Test result: The newly tested Honor Band 6 achieves the same rating as last year’s winner from Samsung: “test” the quality rating “satisfactory (2.9)”. It scores with slightly better ratings in fitness, communication and handling than the Samsung fitness band.

Product details: The new test-winning fitness tracker comes from the Honor brand, which belongs to Huawei. The bracelet counts steps, measures distance traveled and calculates the calories burned. You can monitor, evaluate and improve your sleep. The fitness tracker suggests, for example, breathing exercises. You benefit from the continuous measurement of heart rate and even blood oxygen. Women’s cycle can also be traced. There is no built-in GPS module, so you must bring your mobile phone to register the route. An advantage of Honor devices is automatic training detection. A battery charge lasts for up to two weeks. In just ten minutes, you can charge the bracelet for another three days.

The test winner of 2021: fitness bracelet from Samsung Galaxy

Test result: The fitness tracker from Samsung achieved the “test” quality rating “satisfactory (2.9)” and thus became test winner in 2021. The model impresses with precise calorie consumption and is the test’s most stable fitness tracker.

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