“FITBOOK Beach Camp” coach in an interview

When FITBOOK Beach Camp takes place in Crete from September 30 to October 7, 2022, he is the man for mindfulness and stress resilience: Stephan Suh has been a yoga teacher for 20 years and has run his own studio in Frankfurt am Main since 2014. In an interview he explains what the focus of his courses will be and what mantra he will use to motivate the participants in FITBOOK Beach Camp.

Ironically, Stephan Suh found yoga through a sports injury. The goal of his practice as a yoga teacher is how the holistic approach in the Asian movement philosophy can help alleviate health problems and counteract persistent stress. From September 30 to October 7, 2022, he will accompany FITBOOK Beach Camp as a yoga trainer.

In his study “Yoga by Stephan Suh”Photo: Stephan Suh

Last name: Stephan Suh
Age: 46
Place of residence: Frankfurt am Main
Sporting titles: Trained as a sports teacher from the German Sports University in Cologne, owner of the yoga studio “Yoga by Stephan Suh” in Frankfurt am Main, personal coach and lecturer for relaxation and stress resilience

“Attention to one’s own body has had a lasting impact on me”

FITBOOK: How did you get into yoga?
Stephan Suh: “Originally I wanted to be a taekwondo trainer. But when I was 19, I had a serious sports injury from Taekwondo. Therefore, I had to discontinue my sports studies in the practical field. I started thinking, ‘My body is my capital. I need to pay more attention to my health. ‘ It was when the first seeds were planted that taekwondo is not the right sport for me. When I was in my mid-20s, I got to know yoga and realized that it was a big physical challenge. I already had the ability to stretch through Taekwondo, which was a good prerequisite. I then ended up doing power yoga where I felt comfortable from the start. It immediately inspired me: aesthetics, charisma, calmness and mindfulness. So I said, I would like to elaborate.

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Then what happened?
Suh: “I went to Yoga Vidya once a week. I really liked the traditional side, meditation and breathing exercises. At a yoga weekend, I was totally inspired by a nurse. He was super flexible and vegan, which made a lasting impression on me. He said the vegan diet made him feel even more energetic. I took him as a role model and also became vegan to try it out and get deeper into the matter. It inspired me so much that I wrote my dissertation in sports psychology on yoga. ”

Did you go to some form of yoga teacher training alongside your sports studies?
Suh: “Through continuing education, I specialized and then started teaching myself. So I did not do any classical training with a yoga master, but let myself mature to become a yoga teacher through many different inputs. So my injury was the start. The awareness of my own body that yoga taught me has had a lasting impact on me. “

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Is that an aspect you also want to convey in your training?
Suh: “Absolutely. I came to Frankfurt in 2006 – the lion’s den with stressed bankers and all that embellishment. I focused very early on personal training. I can feel people’s energy levels. Some of them are super stressed, some have limitations like neck and shoulder strains, disc herniation. This means that I also have to deal with the health problem. That is why I am a trained Thai massage therapist in Thailand. I combine this in my lessons. Thanks to my sports studies, I can of course also deal with topics from the field of exercise science. So I trust on the three pillars of yoga, modern sports science and treatment in Thai massage. The topics of health, sustainability, but also robustness are closely linked in my work. “

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Stephan Suh teaches these courses at FITBOOK Beach Camp

What topics do you want to focus on at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Stephan Suh: “On the one hand, orthopedically oriented yoga, which must also include the topic of Thai massage. So: What do you do when you have stress-related tension? What does fascial stretching do? Then I will offer athletic yoga to pussy, vital, sporty people who are looking for a challenge. It is less spiritual, more modern. And then there is the classic Vinyasa yoga, ie yoga with flow. I focus on these three topics. Maybe I’ll give another lecture on mindfulness. “

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What characterizes your type of training?
Stephan Suh: “I make the courses very varied, very varied. Both beginners and experienced students can come to me because I have a special level methodology that makes all levels feel comfortable. I do it all quite calmly and unpretentiously. I’m not doing shows, I’m just trying to ground people. Yoga classes live from the person representing them. People need to enjoy movement and have fun, easy and challenging. ”

FITBOOK training

What are you most looking forward to at FITBOOK Beach Camp?
Stephan Suh: “I am especially looking forward to working together as a team. These are all professionals and everyone likes to work with professionals. In Frankfurt I have my one-man show, at FITBOOK Beach Camp I am part of a whole. The atmosphere in Crete is of course also something very special. It will be a great experience! ”

Where do we find you – away from the yoga mat?
Suh: Where the others are. I’m interested in the people who are there and I want to participate in as many topics on the program as possible. If I have time, I will also go to the gym because I like many different sports. And swim because I love sea water! I also like to lie lazily around or have a beer with my colleagues. I will do everything!”

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“It’s not about being able to touch your toes”

The worst phrase your clients can annoy you with?
Suh: “As a yoga teacher, you have to take people as they are – one is stressed, another reserved, the next naughty. That’s what’s so exciting when people tick differently than you: still accepting them as they are. When someone is very demanding and impatient and says something along the lines of ‘I’ve been doing yoga for three weeks and I still can’t do the splits’, then of course I have to smile a little. As a yogi, it’s not about being able to touch your toes, it’s about the way to get there. And practice with the right setting. This is the teaching mission of all yoga trainers: that they should teach students patience and that they should have joy on the way to their goals. People are often so stubborn in their professional lives. In yoga classes, I will consciously take them away from the pressure to perform. ”

Do you have a fitness motto?
Suh: “I’m very happy with an aphorism that reads, ‘A journey of 1000 miles begins with a step.’ Our life is the journey, when we are about a year old we take our first step – it’s something special. When someone is completely new to yoga, it’s also special for the teacher. I have students who write to me after 20 years: “I did my first lesson with you. I have you to thank for continuing my love of yoga.” You can transfer it to life or to something very mundane: you just have to take the first step instead of thinking about it for a long time – just do it. ”

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